YouTube channels for programmers

To learn to program or to improve your knowledge you have abundant resources on the Internet. And YouTube is packed with videos of programmers.

Manuals, books, articles, repositories … The material to learn to program or improve our skills as programmers is abundant on the net but is usually written and / or on paper or digital. However, video is increasingly present on the Internet, and this affects any area of knowledge, and programming is no exception.

YouTube is a video portal that contains all kinds of content. In addition to video game broadcasts, trailers, video clips or laugh videos, you will also find tutorials and programming courses from different approaches and for all audiences.

Below, a brief list of YouTube channels for programmers of the most followed, in English and Spanish, where you will find reports and tutorials to learn programming and topics related to computer science and computing.

The Australian Brady Haran is known for his documentaries and reports for BBC, especially his project The Periodic Table of Videos or Test Tube. In addition, it has several YouTube channels where it uploads and shares videos about science, math and computing.

One of its channels is Computerphile, and as the name implies, it is about computing. In this channel you will not find tutorials to use but interviews and reports on topics related to the bases of operating systems, compilation, data analysis, internet, etc.

Computerphile is in English but all videos have subtitles to read.

Derek Banas
Python, C ++, SQL, JavaScript, Java, Perl, LaTeX… Derek Banas has one of the programming tutorial channels with more YouTube followers.

Although the tutorials are available in English, YouTube offers automatic subtitles to follow the explanations, very direct and practical, since at all times we will see in practice what Derek Banas is talking about.

In addition to the videos separately, the channel organizes the tutorials in playlists to watch them in order on your TV while you practice with your computer.

From learning basic Linux commands or popular languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript or HTML5 to other topics not as common as Kivy, R or machine learning. ProgrammingKnowledge is another of the most followed programming channels on YouTube.

Organized in playlists to follow them in order and with videos of tutorials or complete courses of more than an hour in some cases, ProgrammingKnowledge is a great source of knowledge to learn or improve your programming knowledge through YouTube. And although the content is in English, it has optional automatic subtitles.


Although it started as a channel to learn about PHP, Codecourse has been opening up to more topics related to website programming and design. Its creator offers tutorials on Vue, JavaScript, Laravel, PHPUnit, etc.

Some of the courses and tutorials for programmers are theoretical, others are more practical and, in general, all can be followed comfortably through short and well explained videos, yes, in English. All in all, you have automatic subtitles available in several languages.

In addition to watching the content on YouTube, Codecourse has its own website where to find the organized topics and where you will find more videos, yes, for a fee.

On YouTube there is also abundant content in Spanish related to programming and Cursania is an example that comes to us from Peru. Git, PHP, C #, AJAX, SQL or Android are some of the topics covered in this web programming channel and mobile apps.

Courses can still be grouped into playlists or watch videos based on what we want to learn or refresh with all the advantages that YouTube offers.

Cursania also has its own website where we will find the free courses on YouTube but we will also see other paid courses on topics such as Android or SQLite.

Keep coding
In KeepCoding you will find courses, webinars and bootcamps. This programming portal by and for programmers will allow you to enter programming, expand your knowledge or refresh what you learned in the past.

Along with its official website, it also has its own YouTube channel where you will find videos and tutorials on web development and mobile apps with themes such as Python, chatbots, Kotlin, Android or PHP.

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