Xiaomi’s first wireless charging system: 30 W of power

The Chinese company has officially presented its own wireless charging system of up to 30 W of power that will allow you to fully charge devices in 70 minutes.

Increasingly, battery manufacturers for electronic devices, especially smartphones, are striving to offer users more efficient, powerful and convenient systems. There is nothing more annoying than running out of battery and without a place to charge your mobile.

Technology has advanced considerably and practically all companies already incorporate in their devices fast charging systems and even wireless charging, without cables. What is the main advantage of the latter? Undoubtedly its comfort because it is enough to place the device on the base so that it starts charging by induction.

In this sense, Xiaomi has managed to join this trend and almost all of its latest smartphones incorporate both types of charging. In fact, just a month ago it launched a device capable of charging with solar energy thanks to a panel incorporated in the back area.

Battery charge in 70 minutes

Now the Chinese company has presented its own wireless charging system for smartphones: Mi Charge Turbo. This battery is capable of supplying 30 W of power, becoming the first charge with this technology in the world. It is much faster than conventional battery charging with cable since the market chargers currently incorporate 10 W or 20 W of power.

My Charge Turbo will allow users to charge their mobile wirelessly at 100 percent in just 70 minutes and at 50 percent in 25 minutes. Sounds amazing, but the company is already testing a higher version of 40 W of power.

On the other hand, during the presentation of this novelty, Xiaomi manufacturers also mentioned that Mi Charge Turbo has four technological innovations: high efficiency direct charge architecture, ultra high power wireless reverse charging, dual frequency transmission technology First generation and combination of universal charging.

Finally, this technology also integrates reverse wireless charging support to use a device such as an external battery. In fact, you can charge devices with reverse charging protocols such as smartphones or smart watches.

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