Xiaomi presents a portable battery that will also warm your hands

Xiaomi presents the new portable battery ‘Maoxin Retro Hand Warmer Power Bank’ with a power of 5,000 mAh that also has the function of heating your hands.

It seems that Xiaomi continues to surprise us with the presentation of new products beyond the smartphone market. From its famous Mi Band, the smart watch or the development of televisions, to the creation of a smartphone capable of being charged by solar energy thanks to a solar panel placed at the back that does not need electrical power.

And what about the batteries of the Chinese company? A few months ago, Xiaomi officially presented its own wireless charging system capable of supplying up to 30W of power, without cables, which allows you to charge a device in just 70 minutes.

Now, Xiaomi has just presented its next device: a portable battery that, apart from charging our mobile device, will also serve to warm our hands. How is it possible?

xiaomi batería

5,000 mAh capacity and 4 hours of autonomy
The new Xiaomi battery is the ‘Maoxin Retro Hand Warmer Power Bank’, whose name surely comes from its design with vintage air. This external battery is used to charge any type of mobile device, as stated by the company itself, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

The capacity is 5,000 mAh, enough to charge a smartphone a couple of times, but not only has this function. Xiaomi has wanted it to be a good complement for winter since it has an attached function that serves to warm your hands.

To activate this option, just press a button on the left and adjust the temperature of the heater with the button on the right side. Regarding the temperature, the Chinese company has assured that it can reach up to 52 degrees Celsius in just five minutes and the autonomy of this portable battery will be four hours.

Incredible true? If your interest has aroused, you can now purchase this external battery in green, pink or red for a fairly affordable price: 21 euros. Also, tomorrow is the big day of BlackFriday!

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