With your smartphone you can organize your trip in minutes

With your smartphone you can organize your trip in minutes

Thanks to the plane and the ship, the world has become a little smaller but it is still huge and it is not always easy to know where to go or what to visit.

Wherever you go, there are a thousand places to visit, endless monuments or emblematic buildings to see, places to explore … But the time of a trip is finite, and before leaving home you should plan what you will see and what not to optimize that weather.

Seeing everything with peace of mind is impossible, so we suggest you go to some of the apps that we will see below to organize your trip and plan what route you are going to follow and what transport combinations to take.

In addition, if you are in an urban area you can know the most appropriate means of transport, organize an agenda of where to be and what to do at each moment of the day, manage flight tickets, etc.

Available for all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry), TripIt is your personal travel assistant.

What flight do I have to take? What time? Tomorrow at noon, where will I eat? When will we see the museum? All these questions will be answered by TripIt, an app to organize your trip from the moment you leave through the door of your house until you return after having traveled and visited any place on the planet.

Boarding passes, transport schedules, places to visit, agenda for each day of the trip … With Tripit if you get lost it is because you want to.

Google Trips
With all the information provided by Google, it was inevitable that sooner or later it would launch its own tool to organize your trip in minutes.

It’s called Google Trips, it works on Android and iOS and it helps you to squeeze the city or place you visit, organizing the route you are going to follow, the places you are going to see, you can discover new activities, book trips … Other interesting features are its offline mode, to obtain information without connecting to the internet and the possibility to import data from your Gmail account to organize the trip automatically.

Do you like traveling by road? In that case you will enjoy Roadtrippers (Android, iOS), a travel organizer for those who travel behind the wheel.

Although it mainly has information about US routes, it also offers places of interest from other parts of the planet: where to stay, what to visit, where to eat …

In addition to their suggestions, you can plan your own route and help you with your guides. You even have the option to share routes and itineraries with your contacts.

With more than 600 guides available in offline mode, without internet, Tripwolf is a good option if you don’t know what route to do.

In any, their offline maps have information of places and points of interest where to eat, sleep, buy and rest.

Tripwolf will be practical for you in the city or in nature, whether on foot, by car or by bicycle.

Sygic Travel
On the one hand, Sygic Travel (Android, iOS) is an app that will help you plan your trip day by day, and on the other it is a map with supervitamin offline access, since it will show you points of interest so you don’t get bored wherever you go

You tell him where you are going and he will show you a map full of places to visit and practical information. With information from OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, among other sources and the help of an extensive catalog of photographs, even in 360º, you will know how is the place you go before even stepping on its ground.

Finally, another app to organize your trip in detail, TripCase (Android, iOS).

What flight you should take, where are you going to sleep, where will you eat, what are you going to visit … If you want to focus on enjoying the trip and forgetting the route to follow, you can plan it at home with TripCase and forget it.

Designed for business trips, you can use TripCase for any type of trip. In addition to the information you enter you will have at your disposal directions to reach your destination on foot or by car or what the weather is like.

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