Windows tricks to concentrate better while you work

Although operating systems such as Windows 10 are more complex than previous years, you can optimize them to be minimalist and not distracting.

That your Windows 10 PC is useful for everything has two faces. The good one, that you can edit a document, send an email, have a videoconference conversation and edit a video from the same device. On the other hand, while you are finishing a report or a spreadsheet to deliver today, you can talk to your friends, watch your Facebook or read the latest news about your favorite team.

Distractions are inevitable. But we can help ourselves fight them or at least reduce their impact. It is clear that we can not spend hours in front of the computer giving everything 100%, for that there are pauses and short breaks. But it is one thing to be focused for hours and another to stop what we are doing every few minutes for one reason or another outside of work.

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Below we review some of the things you can change in Windows 10 to help you concentrate better and thus get into productive mode avoiding distractions. It is not about dedicating more hours to something but about spending less time, you manage to finish it in conditions.

Silence is important

He said that distractions are one of the reasons that prevent us from working in conditions. Hence the first thing we should do if we are going to perform a task that requires all our concentration is to silence notifications and notices that may bother us.

An update, a message, an email. Windows 10 allows you to silence notifications if we are in a meeting or focused on something. When finished we will activate the notifications again.

You will find this option in Start> Settings> System> Notifications and actions. There you can say which apps will display or not visual or audible ads. And with the Concentration Assistant you’ll find in the built-in Windows 10 search engine, you can decide during which hours you want to silence notifications.

Minimalism to power

The less items you have on screen, the easier it will be to dedicate yourself to that task that requires you to be focused. The desktop background, for example. Having a background with a high resolution photograph looks great, but if you want to see something beautiful, better take a break.

From experience, it is better to work with a monochrome background. That way you will not be distracted by the background image and it will be more comfortable to move and organize files and folders if you put them there.

Second element of Windows that you see constantly, the taskbar. From Start> Settings> Personalization> Taskbar you can simplify it by removing the icons or hiding them. Leave only the most necessary and help you with your tasks.

The same goes for system icons. Hide those that are not useful to you at that time from Start> Settings> Personalization> Notification Area. You are always on time to return them to your site when you finish.

Tablet mode

A simple way to be focused on a task is to recover the monotarea, and it has always been so easy to fill the window screen with open applications and documents that it is easy to end up entangled and without knowing where everything is.

Windows 10 is intended as an operating system for computers to use but also for touch screens and / or tablets. Activating the tablet mode will simplify the appearance and behavior of Windows and we will be able to work full screen with a single application. You can change the application, but you will avoid the inertia of moving through windows without knowing which one you need.

To activate the Windows 10 tablet mode you must go to the activity center, in the lower right corner of the screen. There you will find the Tablet mode button. If you want to customize it, you will find its configuration options in Start> Settings> System> Tablet mode.

A profile to work

Finally, if all these changes and customizations are a problem or inconvenience because then you want to reverse them, you may prefer to have a specific user profile.

Windows 10, as in previous versions, allows you to create users that can be used to share a PC with several people but also to customize Windows according to what you are going to do. You can have a profile for games, another for your day to day and one in concentration mode where to apply the tips we have listed before.

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