What to consider when buying an electric car

Almost all major companies have already launched their own electric car model, in a clear commitment to this type of car. Autonomy, price and speed are some of the variables between the different options we can choose. But you should know some aspects of these vehicles before purchasing one.

I wake up and get ready to go to work. I go to the car and try to unplug it as I would do with one of combustion. But I find that I don’t know how to do it. No one had explained it to me and in the manual I didn’t indicate it either. ”

This is how a user recounts his experience the day after buying an electric car. “I had looked at the autonomy, the loading time, the price and the part of my salary that I would pay to pay for the car’s letters … I had compared hundreds of catalogs.” But when it came to the office, I couldn’t.

Situations like this, which can be anecdotal, can become real headaches for those who buy an electric car and don’t have much idea.

A booming industry

Informed or not, the truth is that the sale of electric vehicles has skyrocketed in recent years. In Spain, it is expected to reach 24,000 units sold in 2019, which was foreseen by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This would mean an increase of 54% over last year, when 15,500 were sold, including passenger cars, two wheels, commercial and industrial.

Outside Spain, the situation is no different. In Norway, for example, the best-selling car in 2018 was the Nissan Leaf, an electric car.

This boom is not fortuitous. Among its causes, the growing concern about pollution is one of the main ones. Not only by citizens. Large companies have opted for their own electric car model: convinced that it is the future. In 2017, the European Union announced a law that will prohibit the circulation of diesel or gasoline cars from 2050.

However, despite these positive figures, there is still a great ignorance of these transports for many drivers.

Autonomy, one of the most important aspects

One of the characteristics that must first be addressed is the autonomy or durability of the battery. According to the model, it varies from 60 km to 500, although companies are already investigating proposals that reach 2400.

They recommend charging it overnight. Having the loading point in the garage is the most comfortable option. The new regulations allow you to install a charging point in your garage even if you live in a neighborhood community just by informing the president. You can choose to install this system yourself or hire a professional electrician.

There are also public cargo places. Increasingly. There are apps, such as Electromaps, that tell you with geolocation where there are. In some gas stations – “electrolineras” – these devices are being incorporated. Charging is faster than at home charging points: in just 15 minutes the car is fully charged. However, it is not advisable to abuse this type of charge, as the battery suffers more than the slower charges.

coche electrico

It is also important to remember that autonomy increases with more efficient driving and, on the contrary, it is reduced with temperatures that are very cold or very hot. It can be affected by up to 40%, according to a study by FleetCarma on the subject. The ideal is between 15 and 24 degrees. The batteries that best withstand the cold are those made of lithium polymer.

Strengths and weaknesses of each model

Each model has its peculiarities. All respond to the same characteristics, but each manufacturer has created their electric car in a certain way. For example, the Nissan Leaf loses power when its battery is charged quickly in the electrolineras.

In the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, highway driving can be a problem: it is a car designed for city and lower speeds. The Tesla, with a higher price than the other brands, have an extensive network of charging points.

Before purchasing one of these vehicles, we invite you to plan it: what use are you going to give it, where and how are you going to charge it or where else can you do it.

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