What skills do young people need to get a job?

The evolution of technology has served to bring up new trades in the labor market. The problem is that future generations are unaware of the requirements that companies may request in the future. It should be said that companies must also facilitate certain factors and thus achieve equal opportunities.

With the advent of globalization and technology there have been great changes in our society. Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown exponentially in recent years and consequently the labor market as well. The question is: what skill will a young person need to find work in the future?

There are currently around 2 billion young people across the planet who are part of the active population. The problem is that many of these young people will see how their skills become obsolete when it comes to finding work.

It should be said that the data regarding the educational level are worrisome. Six out of ten young people do not reach the minimum skills in reading and math, and more than 200 million young people do not go to schools.

Skills issue

Many of the users wonder what are the skills they need for proper training and here we explain what future generations need.

Young people need basic skills such as the ability to read, write and perform simple mathematical problems among others.

Due to the wide range of existing trades it is essential to have specific skills such as accounting, coding or engineering.

Transferable skills are also necessary, these are those related to the relationship with other people and that are very valuable for teamwork, conflict resolution and leadership.

Currently there are countries that are in the process of development and in these cases it is advisable to have business skills to have knowledge of which are the dominant sectors.

As we mentioned earlier, these changes have occurred thanks to the development of technologies, therefore, digital communication skills are required, as is the case of using any platform that exists in the large network.

The companies also account

To achieve this improvement of skills towards future generations, companies must also contribute their grain of sand and thus encourage the development of related educational programs in the acquisition of these capabilities.

An example of this is the union between companies and educational centers in order to create specialized training programs. An example of this is the 42Madrid school, a training center promoted by the Telefónica Foundation.

This educational center is based on a revolutionary pedagogical method for users where they can learn about new digital skills such as programming. This educational center has no age limit and its enrollment is free.

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