What is the relationship between interior decorators and ‘Animal Crossing’?

The game ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ is in fashion and not only among the little ones. It has captivated millions of adults since its launch a few months ago. And, in addition, it has found a niche: interior designers.

In March, Nintendo released ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’, at the end of that month the game became the best-selling game in the franchise and the most popular title of the month on any platform.

With a naive style and complete absence of violence, the question is: what is this boom among adults due to? Critics say much of the appeal comes from nostalgia for millennials, who have already played previous versions. However, there is another reason: the endless design options that are conquering interior designers.

For those who do not know it, the game is quite similar to ‘The Sims’, since it consists of managing your own island and creating a community around it. Also, ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ allows a huge customization in terms of architecture.

animal crossing

Players have been found to spend more time choosing the perfect layout than interacting

Considering this, there are already companies that have seen the business opportunity. This is the case of ‘Olivia’, a design firm that for 40 pounds an hour “walks” around your island and helps you achieve “the perfect virtual feng shui”.

The American ‘Change Me’, Eye Queer Eye ’, also offered to dive into the game. Although his proposal was free and consisted of giving special tips to give life to your little house on the beach.

animal crossing

Business is everywhere, but the best thing about ‘Animal Crossing’ is that it lacks clear goals, you just have to enjoy the game itself. You will only be forced to carry out small routine activities to receive prizes.

Without stress, without violence and without having to meet goals. Let your mind take a vacation on this virtual island, where everything is possible for very little.

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