What does ‘Dreams’ have that other video games don’t have?

“Dreams” is a new way to enjoy video games and a revolution in the gaming industry through the creation of new worlds in which the player has the role of designer.

In 1972, the Pong came to light. One of the first arcade video games in history where blank blocks, a white ball and a vertical line were simulated on screen, simulating the game of ping pong. All on a black background.

Almost fifty years have passed since this first version of the video game came out and, over these decades, we have seen how the video game and video game industry have evolved at a dizzying pace.

Currently, we play experiences in which you find yourself immersed in a world where you are the hero, others where your decisions have consequences in history and there are even where you have to survive in an open world and you must get all the resources.

Surely, when talking about this type of video games come to mind some titles like Minecraft or Roblox among others. Which have been successful worldwide.

There are video games of all kinds and, probably, many are very similar to others, but the question is: is there a video game capable of creating other video games? The answer is yes and that game is Dreams.

Dreams is the latest creation of the British video game studio Media Molecure, who took the step of using games of this theme with Little Big Planet. ”

What is Dreams?

It is an intuitive game in which you can edit your own world. If we stop to think, many open world games are actually a closed space where we only control our character. With Dreams it doesn’t happen that way. This video game makes us leave that stage and not be mere players, but also makes us creators.

Many will think that this role is adopted if we use programming patterns, as in some video games. Not so, Dreams has a series of easy-to-use tools and tutorials so that the player can create his world without much effort. So much so, that the gaming community has already used this title to share their worlds and even replicate other classic video game titles such as Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Rider, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy.

Show your creative side

This game challenges the player to make the best of his creativity. But do you want to get ideas about some video games?

The Telefónica Foundation has presented an exhibition entitled Videogames. The two sides of the screen will be available until January 2020.

In this exhibition, users will be able to know the limits of the physical and virtual world in the videogame industry where we will see the scientific, artistic and sociocultural aspects of the gaming world.

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