What are the most extravagant cars that exist?

Many engineers are committed to the creation of intelligent vehicles, but designers prefer to create them with a futuristic design that is often crazy. Do you want to know which are the strangest models?

In the industrial revolution, Carl Benz created the first car in history. The car is one of the inventions that has most influenced our society: at this time more than 30,000 million vehicles are in circulation that help to make large displacements in a short time. Some of them go beyond the design line, creating a long list of the most extravagant models in history.

Over the years, cars have lived a constant evolution. Currently we know cases of electric vehicles as an alternative to fossil fuel engines, or autonomous cars capable of traveling without needing to have a driver behind the wheel.

But not only is it here, many designers are committed to creating more extravagant car models than their peers, or also futuristic; whose appearance seems worthy of a science fiction movie. Vehicles that break the mold of the current cars we know. Many of them are still prototypes, but do not be surprised that in a few years we see these models circulating on our roads.

Futuristic cinema as inspiration
The first extravagant designs appeared between the 1970s and 1980s. Where the movies talked about the future, speculating that since 2000 there would be flying vehicles and, as Doc Brown would say in Back to the Future, we would not need roads.

Cars that remained as simple prototypes and that luckily did not end up in the market. Major brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volkswagen and Citroën opted to create revolutionary designs, but they were not very successful before public opinion. The image you can see below is the Ferrari 512 S Module, presented in 1970.

But, at present, this continues to happen. One of the examples is the Rolls-Royce luxury vehicle brand. The British brand introduced the Rolls-Royce Vision 100 prototype, a concept-car based on the Tron movie, a movie that is available on Netflix.

This luxury car is designed to be autonomous, and for that reason it does not have a steering wheel or front seats. So what is really in your cabin? Simple, it has a luxury sofa made of silk for two people and on the opposite side a large OLED television. Possibly, we are facing a new way of traveling.

But if we want to talk about more extravagant cars we have to make a special mention to the Nissan Theater for Dayz. It has electric motorization, but the implantation of LED screens inside the car stands out. The seats, upholstery and dashboard are covered by this technology thus becoming a screen with wheels.

It also incorporates LIDAR sensor technology, which allows autonomous driving without the need for the pilot to be in contact with the steering wheel.

As you have seen, the imagination of engineers and designers has no limits to create intelligent vehicles that can help us experience a more enjoyable trip. But in the meantime, would you like your car to become an intelligent vehicle?

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