What are data centers and where are they located?

Our data circulates at high speed throughout the planet, but many people wonder where our information is going to stop. The answer is in the data centers and at BlogThinkBig.com we tell you what they are like and where they are located.

We live in a society where everyone is connected to each other digitally. Our electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones or computers allow us to send information to other users in record time. But where does the information we send end up? The answer is in data centers.

What are data centers?

These data centers are physical or even virtual infrastructures used to host computer systems, which are intended to process and store them to offer a backup service to individuals and companies.

Qualified personnel ensure that all servers in this center are up-to-date and in perfect working order, both in software and on a physical level. These servers are placed in large cabinets.

These facilities need a large-scale power supply to keep systems running 24 hours a day, year-round. These buildings are anti-fire and anti-earthquake constructions to ensure the security of the servers.

Where are the data centers located?

These data centers currently handle around 200 million emails per minute, about 11,200 emails per hour. Figures that can be crazy and that only these facilities are capable of treating.

Data centers are located in the most unexpected places on the planet, and it is not a matter of chance but of strategy.

An example of this is the data center located in the depths of the old Lefdal mine (Norway). This place was chosen because the servers are in continuous operation, and this leads to the circuits overheating. Installing the servers in a mine reduced costs for air conditioning the area.

Another of the most inhospitable places where a data center is located is in the Arctic Circle. Surely, if you post something on Facebook, your data will end up in the data center that has Mark Zuckenberg’s social network, in Lulea. There are more than 90,000 square meters of servers in an environment that can reach a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. This center has a small hydroelectric plant, which means that it uses renewable energy in its entirety.

In Spain, data centers are also located in less expected areas. The MareNostrum 4 center of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is in an old church. On the outside it may look like a cult building, but inside it is conducting research on climate change, biomedicine, and even fusion energy simulations.

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As you can see, data centers are a fundamental tool to be connected with everyone. Did you know about their existence?

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