We face Artificial Intelligence: who wins in the search for false texts?

We test the technology of MIT! We compare GLTR and Talk To Transformer, two systems based on Artificial Intelligence to complete texts.

Artificial Intelligence is our assistant in multiple tasks. One of its functions is to help us improve our writing automatically with programs such as Microsoft Ideas. The ability of AI to create texts, in an era where deepfakes increasingly concern users, has led MIT to create a tool that detects these automatic texts.

Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR) is the tool capable of detecting which parts of a text are created using an algorithm.

Words are identified by colors. When a word is very likely to appear after the previous word, it appears green. When it is less likely, they are marked in yellow and red, and finally, in purple. If a text has many yellow, red and purple labels, we can suspect that it was generated with an AI.

GLTR will allow you to discover the fake news created with Artificial Intelligence

Although the tags are very useful to analyze the text in more depth and find out if it has been written by an AI, detecting words alone would not be enough to state whether a text has been written by a human or not.

An example of AI that could pass GLTR controls is Talk To Transformer. The application generates entire texts based on phrases that we indicate. Its main limitation is that, for the moment, it is only able to interpret the text if we write it in English.

We have decided to try Talk To Transformer, indicating only one word: BlogThinkBig. And this is what we have obtained:

BlogThinkBig has been a leader in promoting quality leadership development by offering expert advice on managing professional development, mentorship, consulting and mentoring. We have been a leader in developing and connecting leaders of different disciplines in the field of leadership to enhance the careers and lives of their colleagues. Our staff have over 30 years of experience in mentoring and education with leadership, policy and development professionals of all degrees in the US and abroad, and currently include many professional leaders of all disciplines.

We are open to new perspectives from the diverse range of leading leaders and experts, and welcome expert reports and peer-reviewed articles.

After generating the text, we have analyzed it in Giant Language Model Test Room and this has been the result:

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