‘We are all clueless’, the initiative to raise awareness about the talent and vocations of young people

The Despistaos music group has created, in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica and Warner Music Spain, the #TodosSomosDespistaos initiative to raise awareness that people’s talent is not measured only with academic qualifications.

The music group Despistaos, Fundación Telefónica and Warner Music España have joined forces to launch the “#TodosSomosDespistaos” campaign that wants to raise awareness about the importance of developing the talents and vocations of children and young people so that they can exploit their full potential, and not are limited by the qualifications or parameters of the formal education system, which often frame it within the school failure.

Our concerns and passions thanks to Despistaos
We have always been instilled in the need to succeed in studies to go far professionally, leaving aside the vocations we had when we were children. With this idea in mind, the Despistaos music group proposed to gather a group of celebrities to talk about vocations, passions and failures. Guests such as Chema Alonso, Jorge Luengo, Elsa Punset, Javi Nieves, Miriam Fernández, Salvador Larroca, Eloy Azorín and Nikotxan told their experiences at school, and shared their secrets on how they achieved their dreams and succeeded in succeeding in their fields.

From all these conversations, the song ‘Scream my name’ from Despistaos.

We are all clueless ”: a solidarity initiative
The song ‘Scream my name loudly’ is dedicated to all those who chase and fight for their dreams to reach the top. For all those who were once ‘mislead’, but who have not stopped until they get everything they set out to do. Because a note does not have to decide who we are and what we want to be.

It is possible to say that part of the income generated by the song will go to Fundación Telefónica to collaborate in educational projects that promote this idea.

Do you want to know the new song of Despistaos? You can listen to their new song on November 15, and it will be available on all digital platforms.

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