Volkswagen will launch an electric model for less than 24,000 euros

The Volkswagen ID.3 model wants to attack the prejudice that electric cars are excessively expensive. This has been announced by the manufacturer.

The high price of electric cars has been one of the fiercest criticisms of sustainable mobility. Even the Tesla Model 3, in its low-cost version, is around $ 35,000 (32,600 euros). This will not be the case for the Volkswagen ID. 3. At least as it appears from the official communications of the manufacturer.

Volkswagen has made an intention: its new electric model will be cheaper than gasoline. And with this premise he has launched to produce his brand new car. And it is that this will not have a lukewarm appearance in the market. On the contrary. There will be 30,000 units ready to sell starting in the summer. Instead of scaling production little by little, the brand will arrive with a barrage of units. His confidence that the Volkswagen ID.3 will be successful among consumers seems unwavering. It will be, in fact, the manufacturer’s first big bet on electrics.

But the most remarkable thing is its price. The company has announced that in Germany it will cost – after deduction of incentives – 23,430 euros. This means that the barrier of 24,000 euros is crossed, a price that can be applied to a mid-range. Its autonomy will be 330 kilometers.

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen has long been flirting with the reciprocating engine. He has even made tall announcements. A few years ago he reported that all of his car models would have an electrical equivalent. Although, thing of the times of change, it seems that this affirmation has been outdated. Today and with more and more manufacturers betting on electric companies, having a double portfolio seems like an expensive and of little use strategy.

Affordable electric cars
The price of the Volkswagen ID.3 is intended to be its main attraction. While it won’t be the cheapest. The Skoda brand, also owned by the Volkswagen group, plans an electric model for less than 20,000 euros.

It seems that the trend is only at its start. A report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance pointed to 2025 as the date when electric cars will start to be cheaper than conventional ones. There is certainly still time for this to happen. But there is also scope until 2025 and the presence of the alternative engine grows.

Images: Volkswagen

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