Volkswagen will develop a single operating system for all its brands

Volkswagen’s operating system will be its own development and will be present in all brands of the automotive group.

Today a car can have up to 70 electronic modules. All of them work by software, but this is far from being homogeneous. Up to 200 software providers can be found in a vehicle. And the systems that are controlled or measured through this electronics are relevant: ABS, electronically controlled transmissions, air conditioning or inoftainment system are some examples.

The presence of multiple software from diverse sources hinders the communication between them. Needless to say, it does not mean that the connection is not fluid. Solutions are found. But it would cost much less to find them if complexity were reduced. And this is where Volkswagen has decided to take action on the matter.

Until now the company had encouraged the different brands of the group (Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen itself) to create its own operating system. But times are approaching when this component will have more and more control over the vehicle. If you now have it on the infotainment system and on some functions that affect driving, with electric ones it will be easier to increase your skills. Although the big jump will occur with autonomous cars.

Hence, the automotive giant wants to face the future of its sector with its own robust platform. And, of course, the Volkswagen operating system will be more functional the more tested it is. The unification of the company has a clear strategic sense in this regard.

Today Volkswagen manufactures more than 10 million cars a year. But as regards the architecture for the electronic section, it has eight different formulas.

Sistema operativo de Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s renovation

From the company they have pointed out the need to solve this fragmentation. For this they have gathered a huge work group of 10,000 engineers, who will create the Volkswagen operating system. They will do it starting from Android, but from its open source version, without introducing Google services.

His idea is that the Volkswagen operating system is as versatile as Android is for smartphones. If this platform is for mobile phones of 60 euros or more than 1,000 euros, the Volkswagen software can also serve from a Polo to an Audi A8.

In recent years Volkswagen has opted for a technological renewal. The introduction of electric cars is perhaps its most visible face. But the transformation does not stop there. The company works in software services for its vehicles, has sought Microsoft’s alliance in the cloud, and collaborates with BMW and Daimler in autonomous cars.

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