Translate with DeepL from any Windows and Mac program

DeepL is a translator that uses artificial intelligence to improve its translations. And its desktop version integrates with any tool.

Although there are still those who use paper dictionaries, they have long made the leap to the Internet. With a simple click and typing a word or phrase, dictionaries and translators tell us the meaning of what we are looking for.

The next step is to integrate the translator into the operating system, as DeepL has recently done, a translation tool that stands out for using artificial intelligence, so that it learns and improves with each new query we ask.

The DeepL app can be downloaded for free and installed on Windows or Mac. On the one hand, it offers the same virtues of the online version: translate words or phrases in seconds, suggest synonyms depending on the context, translate documents …

From there, the DeepL app integrates with Mac and Windows so that we can translate from a separate window or taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts to copy text fragments while working with Word or with our web browser.

Copy, translate and paste
There are two ways to use the desktop version of DeepL. The normal one, opening its independent window to paste or write content. DeepL will detect the language to be translated automatically and will show its meaning in our language.

DeepL gets along well with English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian, being able to translate from one to another or vice versa. And if automatic detection does not indicate the source or destination language well, we can change it manually.

The second way to translate with DeepL is from any open program. When copying a text (CTRL + C in Windows, CMD + C on Mac), we must repeat that shortcut to move the copied text to DeepL and translate it. Then we will have the possibility to copy and paste the translation into the program we were working with.

Although its authors do not specify it, in principle the DeepL app needs to be connected to the Internet to work, since it requests the translation from its server, a key to making the translation as faithful as possible. On the other hand, if we have hired DeepL Pro we can log in from the application.

You will find more information on the DeepL website. And from here you can download the application to translate from any Windows or Mac program.

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