This was the 1991 console prototype developed between Nintendo and Sony

An alliance between the two Japanese giants gave rise to the Nintendo PlaySation in 1991, three years before Sony launched the first model of its console.

Now that the morriña by the 80s and 90s floods the world of the video game, perhaps it is worth delving into the worst nostalgia, which could not be. This is the sensation to which the Nintendo PlayStation appeals, the project between the queen of the video game of that time and the company that would soon begin to dispute this title. The two Japanese firms, Nintendo and Sony, collaborated to create a prototype console of which 200 units were manufactured. The alliance did not come to fruition and the joint project was aborted. The two would take different paths.

Nintendo has repeatedly played the nostalgia card to fatten sales, as it did with the launch of the SNES Classic Mini. Very similar was Sony’s strategy when it launched the PlayStation Classic. And it is more than a quarter of a century since the appearance of these consoles. The history of the Nintendo PlayStation dates back to this time.

When Sony launched a glittering console in 1994, it drew admiration from children and teens alike. Not to mention the juicy benefits that the franchise would give. But there was also an element of surprise. The brand was known for its electronic gadgets. Instead, it was a total unknown in the world of video games.

Nintendo PlayStation

Like everything, before the launch of a new product, the road had been long and the results, not immediate. Sony’s career in the video game industry begins several years earlier. The physical test is the Nintendo PlayStation console, one of whose prototypes has been auctioned for $ 360,000.

A hybrid that encourages the imagination
The console is striking for its design. Its homogeneous color and round buttons are reminiscent of the first PlayStation. While the cartridge reader for games, as well as other rectangular buttons, are reminiscent of the Super Nintendo (also from 1991). The controls are almost identical to those of the SNES. The almost is for a couple of details. In the center, where you should put SUPER NINTENDO, the Play Station brand appears, under the protection of SONY, this yes in capital letters.

The console has another peculiarity. And it has a CD-ROM reader. The coincidence, rather the clash, of two models occurred here. Sony, together with Philips, had invented the CD-ROM standard. A new format for the music industry, but also with the possibility of revolutionizing portable storage in computing. The company had a clear interest in pushing the compact disc.

On the other side was Nintendo, which had its own video game cartridge technology. I was not willing to dilute all that development work in favor of the CD-ROM. Perhaps this shock was one of the reasons why the two companies did not agree to market the console. What seems to be more certain is that this auctioned model is the only one that remained, since the other 199 units were destroyed.

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