This sensor shirt monitors your breathing or your heart rate

Scientists at MIT have enabled a series of sensors embedded in clothing to measure respiration, temperature, or heart rate.

At MIT, they have developed a type of sensor integrated into clothing that can measure some vital parameters. With them it is possible to take records of body temperature, respiration or heart rate.

These sensors consist of bands encapsulated in a type of resin and placed in the narrow channels of the tissue. These channels have open parts, which allow the sensors to come into contact with the skin. This is how they get their data.

Initially, the team designed a shirt with 30 sensors built into the clothing. This was combined with an accelerometer that could measure the person’s movement, heart rate, and breathing. And all the information can be sent wirelessly to a smartphone. In order to make monitoring simple.

These sensors integrated in the clothes can be put in the washing machine with the garment. The goal is for them to be modified to suit each person. And it is that they have to stick to the body in order to collect the data. Its application can range from the simple recognition of personal health to medical purposes.

The use of garments of this type has already been proposed in hospitals, in fact. In these centers, vital parameters must be controlled rigorously on many occasions. But this task is done with equipment that needs to be connected to the body by cables. Using integrated sensors in clothing would eliminate the use of these cables.

Tissue sensors

The development of MIT is not the first. Nor will it be the last, in all probability. Well this field is still under exploration. There are already some types of flexible sensors, prepared to withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees and a weight of 70 kilos.

And the idea of ​​connecting these sensors to the smartphone is not new either. This formula has been tried before several times. But the development of MIT is based on a new material that allows you to comfortably wear clothes on a daily basis.

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