This is what nobody tells you about the most visited destinations

most visited destinations

We have consumed so much publicity that we end up looking like one of them. The best example is travel photos, posturing and the fictional image of many destinations.

Today I am going to talk to you, in a personal way, about what I think of the image that you are sold and what you are really going to find.

The first thing I want to tell you is that this is a totally personal opinion and you don’t necessarily have to agree. That is why I would appreciate it if you left me a comment to know what you think.

The lie of the image
Recently, looking for information about a destination, I came across a blog that recognized that it was very difficult for him to take a photograph “where no one came out”. Beyond alarming me I was glad for his honesty.

Many times when we travel we look for just that: the image where no one comes out. Just a great almost desert landscape.

most visited destinations

We all dispute (self-criticism here) to have the most idyllic photo possible. We end up selling an image that is partially liar.

We have invaded so much the ideal image promoted by the ads that when entering an Instagram account we do not know if we are seeing a real photo an advertisement.

Venice is a great example of this.

The city cannot cope with so much tourist demand and announced the entrance fee as if it were an amusement park.

But when we look for images we only see the channels and a single gondola in a beautiful sunset.

So where are all the tourists?

They are behind the cameras making the same image of an empty site.

We travel to get others together to make a picture of a place without people. We travel to take pictures of something that does not exist.

And we shut up.

In these almost 10 years of life of The Travel Blog we always bet on telling you the truth, for telling you what we think and for not hiding anything. You can even see on our Instagram account that there is zero posture and we are 100% honest with you.

most visited destinations

Disappointed Travelers
To say that a place is empty, that it is a paradise, that there is no one and that it is worth visiting when you rub shoulders with a dozen people is to lie.

This lie would be innocent but we encourage others to go to the same place. When someone else goes to the recommended destination the disappointment of that traveler is very high.

We would expect you to say question the crowd. But he doesn’t do it to be able to presume that he or she also went to an idyllic place.

Less posture
Adopting customs, activities or poses with the intention of making a good impression takes us away from reality.

But that posture does not only affect us, but encourages others to follow the same path, to be deceived and not to count it.

Perhaps the solution is to bet on less posturing, for a more real image and for telling the truth.

And, perhaps, the more sincere we are the less people will cram the destinations.

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