This is Rolls Royce’s new electric plane

The new Rolls Royce electric plane is capable of flying at 480 km / h thanks to 1,005 horsepower electric motors and 6,000 battery cells.

There is a long way to go to make the electric motor really viable in aviation. At least in commercial aviation. But when it comes to a certain type of light aircraft or light aircraft, there are already examples. In this way Rolls Royce has entered electric aeronautics.

The company has presented a model that has broken the speed record of an electric aircraft so far. The Rolls Royce electric plane is capable of flying at 480 km / h. The manufacturer’s project is called ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight) and is carried out with the specialist in controllers and electric motors YASA and with the startup Electroflight.

The initiative not only encompasses this new Rolls Royce electric plane but also other efforts to further the research of electric motors for the aeronautical sector, as well as the design of parts for the new type of vehicles.

The electrical system of the new aircraft is amazing for the efficiency it deploys, 90%. Its battery pack consists of 6,000 cells and the engines are capable of generating 1,005 horsepower. The total flight autonomy of the aircraft is 320 kilometers with a single load.

avión eléctrico de Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has already been involved in various projects to introduce electric motors to an airplane. As the collaboration that the company maintains with Airbus and with Siemens. He has even explored the possibility of creating flying cars, VOLT vehicles.

The electric future of Rolls Royce

The electric plane is one of the fields in which Rolls Royce has proposed to be a pioneer. Given the incipient electrification of transport, which has already begun in terrestrial environments, manufacturers who have spent decades dedicated to traditional engines, based on fossil fuels, have been forced to devote resources to electrical technology.

However, the plane is only part of Rolls Royce’s efforts. And ships are closer to electrification than the airships that cross the sky. Hence, the company has experimented with battery systems for boats, in order to explore the change of propulsion in the marine environment.

Images: Rolls Royce plc

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