This glove makes virtual objects tangible

This glove makes virtual objects tangible

Research published in Nature describes how gloves can be for virtual reality that allow you to feel the touch when grabbing digital objects.

A team of engineers in Korea has focused on the development of gloves for virtual reality, with the aim of obtaining the feeling of touch. And so far, the glasses that immerse us in a new world just by wearing them suffer from certain virtues. The technology is oriented exclusively to our sense of sight.

It is the sense that produces more information, at least to which we are more accustomed. We trust what we see. And if virtual reality modifies what we see, it has all the ballots to succeed. But look how you look yet that give other senses to get into this digital deception. The ear is easy to coax through helmets. Let us grant that taste does not intervene for the general purposes of video games or recreations and let go of smell, which has always caused headaches. The touch remains, which is used in virtual scenarios and much.

For any virtual object that has to be grasped, it would be good to have a sense of active touch. Texture or weight are aspects that the virtual reality player is lost. That is why Korean researchers, whose work has been published in Nature, have built a glove that covers this lack.

The glove they have developed is actually a controller for virtual reality experiences. It provides tactile feedback that makes the user’s brain think that you are really grabbing the object that is seen in virtual reality glasses.

These virtual reality gloves consist of pneumatic actuators and a flexible piezoelectric sensor. Its operation is based on the reception of data on the digital stage and the position of the user’s hands. From there, it sends an electrical signal that causes the glove material to contract when the user touches something.

Those who have tried the device point out that with it you can feel the touch of virtual objects and even notice how they grab them. It is a breakthrough for technology, which has long been sought. Magic Leap was also behind a system that allowed you to put your hands into digital immersion.

Moreover, it has even explored how to get the sense of the touch of the feet. It would not be so perfected, but enough to play fighting games. In this way, the user could feel how he kicks. It seems little in principle, but it is only a piece of a puzzle that is gradually being completed.

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