These 12 bottles of wine will ripen at the International Space Station

The International Space Station receives the shipment of 12 bottles of wine to mature in space.

Wine maturation is one of the most important processes for the final result. Winemakers take great care to obtain the best conditions for each production line. Of course, not all are preserved with the same care and can not be done in the same way with all.

The number of months – or years – of maturation is one of the factors that marks the difference in taste and body between the wines. Also price, of course. And over hundreds of years the techniques for this maturation have been perfected. It has been experimented with barrels of different types of mother, even different materials. Variable temperature and humidity conditions have been tested. And it has tried to incorporate flavors with external agents.

Some types of wine have arisen even from historical coincidences, as port is told. When England and France faced successive wars in the 17th and 18th centuries, the British stopped buying French wine and turned their eyes to Portuguese production. But the journey to the British Isles was longer and the wine sometimes broke down. That is why they decided to add brandy to cut the fermentation and give rise to a fortified wine, about 20 degrees, and with better endurance.

The truth is that the wine sector has always been open to experimentation. Now, when the competition is so intense, more than ever. And within this framework the test will be carried out by the Space Cargo Unlimited startup. They have sent 12 bottles of wine to the International Space Station, to carry out a process of maturation in space.

In the International Space Station everything begins at this point. From a 3D printer to recycle materials to a supercomputer, through a host of objects that have been uploading the different cargoes for the purpose of scientific experimentation or simply for the supply of astronauts.

Fuegos en el espacio

In fact, one of the objects that have recently landed in the ISS has been a machine for growing artificial meat. This is a step so that the astronauts who work there can feed on a type of meat that looks a lot like the one we eat on Earth. Perhaps some of them are tempted to open one of the wine bottles ahead of time for an extravagant pairing with this meat.

The study of maturation in space

Obviously the purpose of this cargo is not to comfort astronauts. The idea is to analyze the maturation process in space during the year that the bottles will spend there.

Other wine samples, also in 12 bottles, will be stored on Earth for the same period of time. And then the results will be bought. And it is that the loading of bottles will return to Earth for analysis.

At the International Space Station, the wine bottles will remain at a constant temperature, around 18 degrees. Experts anticipate that there will be differences in taste due to the effect of microgravity and that of radiation in space. Both conditions will influence the chemical reactions that will occur in the wine.

Images: matthiasboackel, NASA

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