The space missions we can expect in 2019 for after the summer

Different missions are planned for the second half of 2019 that will be a new step forward in the path of space exploration. New missions to the Moon or probes sent to the depths of the universe in search of unlocking new secrets of the Solar System.

Space missions are an increasingly global commitment and many countries collaborate providing the necessary human talent, scientific research, financing and infrastructure. 2019 can be a great year of progress in space exploration thanks to new and ambitious missions from NASA, ESA and Japan and China space agencies.

Exploration beyond the Solar System
The NASA OSIRIS-REx mission took off in 2016 with the aim of reaching the asteroid Bennu, located at a distance of two million kilometers from Earth. In August 2018, the spacecraft got the first image of the [asteroid] (NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe reaches the asteroid Bennu) and is expected to descend to the surface in September 2019 and try to get a sample. The objective of the mission, which will end in March 2021, is to find evidence of molecules that could be precursors to the origin of life and the oceans on Earth.

CHEOPS is the great mission of the European Space Agency for the rest of the year. Its launch, after several delays, is planned between October 15 and November 14. Its objective is the search for exoplanets and their stars to study their density and the information necessary to understand the formation and evolution of this type of planets located beyond the Solar System.

Space missions 2019
Launching a spaceship

The Hayabusa2 probe, launched on December 3, 2014 by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency with the purpose of analyzing the composition and shape of the Ryugu asteroid, begins on December a return trip to Earth that will last a whole year. The mission descended to the surface of the asteroid for the first time on September 22, 2018 and managed to collect samples of the superficial and other deeper layers.

The new missions to the Moon
On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Moon is once again in the spotlight of the researchers. The main international space agencies have proposed the installation of a [base on the Moon] (The European Space Agency wants to reach the Moon in 2025) not before 2030.

However, different projects with more short-term objectives are already underway. Chang’e 5 is the great mission of the [Chinese agency] (The private space sector, new vanguard in China) in its goal of reaching the Moon. It is a lunar exploration robotic mission equipped with a landing module and a vehicle for the return of the samples. Its takeoff is scheduled for December 2019 with the aim of collecting samples for later analysis on Earth.

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