‘The plague’ returns to Movistar +

Despite what many of us believe, plague is a disease that continues to cause deaths today. Movistar + showed us through the first season of the series ‘The plague’ how it ravaged medieval Europe. Now he returns with a second season and the debate is reopened: is the plague eradicated?

The plague reached humans from a bacterium that lived in the soil. When it managed to reach people, it spread very quickly thanks to other living things like rats. These animals were regular passengers on boats and ran around the city with total freedom, so contact with them was quite common.

The disease killed 50 million people in less than five years
In this context, half of the continent was affected by this calamity from the fourteenth century onwards. The series The plague, of Movistar +’s own production, shows how it affected Seville in the 16th century, known as ‘Century of the Colonies’. This city was a place of light and shadow, also known for its commercial activity that was a success, but while some became rich, others died in infested streets.

During these years, the Andalusian capital lost more than 40% of its population. The series shows this miserable situation through 130 perfectly adapted locations. Through the image, it is possible to feel the dust and the stench of the sewers.

In the second season, the focus is much more on prostitution, so the presence of the disease is in the background. But what is happening today regarding this epidemic?

Madagascar and Peru are two of the most endemic countries
Although many may seem surprising, the plague is still present today and spreads through rodent fleas, as has always happened. Although it affects more than 2,000 people in the world, science has done its job: with proper treatment 85% of patients survive.

Several studies claim that the flu is much more dangerous than the plague. This is because the bacterium of the second one changes slowly, so the current antibiotics are very effective. However, the flu changes very quickly and, for that reason, is much more resistant to drugs.

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