The notebook that converts your texts into questions and answers

There are many ways to learn or memorize something. One of the most widespread consists in evaluating oneself through questions and answers.

No one likes to study. It is a fact. The study is a practice that requires time and effort, is repetitive and requires constant concentration. Hence the multitude of options we have to study or memorize something in a thousand different ways: summaries, diagrams, diagrams, slides, cards or flashcards, games, self-assessments with question and answer questionnaires …

Luckily, the study is no longer as before and we have study methods and tools to implement them as comfortably as possible, to the point of using automation. As with Knowt, an application available via the Web and for iOS and Android that will help us convert texts and notes into tests with questions and answers so that we evaluate our knowledge and study in an active and practical way.

No matter what it is. A biology exam, an English course, a talk you have to give in front of your boss and your classmates … Knowt uses machine learning to convert text notes into questionnaires, so that you can complete them and thus memorize the content of your notes to basis of repeating the tests.

A minimalist notepad
As a notebook, Knowt offers a style according to other applications such as Apple Notes or Google Keep. Minimalism, white predominance and the minimum and necessary to create a note, edit it and save it on your smartphone.

In this sense, with Knowt we have at our disposal the usual options palette of any text editor so that we can format text fragments without problems, create headlines, justify the text, create headlines and subtitles, lists, etc.

It is even possible to save notes outside Knowt and / or share them through other applications. To this we must add the compatibility with Google Drive to import notes from there to Knowt and the possibility of synchronizing our notes between different devices from our user account.

From note to test
Choose one of the correct answers. Complete the phrase with the appropriate word or concept. Tests or questionnaires are an agile and practical way to test our knowledge or what we have read or learned on any subject, since we must know specific words, concepts or names.

Anyone can design their own questionnaires, but the grace of Knowt is that it does that work for us. Simply choose a note and click on the Quizz button so that Knowt analyzes the text and translates it into questions with answers of different types. And although it is intended to work with texts in English, testing in other languages, such as Spanish, it is possible to achieve some minimally acceptable questionnaires. Of course, like any machine learning tool, it requires filming time.

The only drawback of Knowt is that it is so automatic that the app itself determines the type of question it will ask instead of giving us a choice if we want a question with multiple answers or fill in the blank fields.

Be as it was, with Knowt we will have at our disposal a notebook to always carry and a tool with which to summarize texts in questionnaires and solve them on our own to memorize and remember the content of those texts.

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