The most used music platforms, and not all are paid

Streaming music platforms has facilitated the lives of many users. Which are the most recommended?

More than a decade ago, users used to spend hours to illegally download their favorite music. Programs such as Ares were used, and once the file was downloaded we had to transfer it to our device.

A long and boring process, right? Now, just have a music application, and we can listen and download our favorite songs legally.

Okay, we have it much easier now than before, but what are the best platforms (and can be free) to listen to our music?


The most known by all users. Considered as the rival to beat by all its competitors in the sector. Spotify has a free version with ads, but the paid version offers advantages such as that you can listen to the music you want and at the time you want, since it gives you the option to download music and listen to it without being connected.

Another advantage of the platform is that it is aimed at musical artists, since they can upload their products directly without the need for intermediaries. is an application that has been in circulation for many years, but over time it has improved its presence in the market, since it has the possibility to download its own application for Android and iOS phones.

You can also elaborate your profile with your musical tastes with the songs that you most frequently listen to. Another feature is that we can know which are the most listened to songs, share your tastes with other users, and create a list with the main radio stations.

You can use the application for free, although it has paid versions with advantages such as ad removal.


Deezer is a platform created in 2006 and currently has more than ten million users. With this application it is possible to listen to music by streaming, but also receive recommendations according to your tastes.

This platform has applications available for Android and iOS, but it has a website offering the same services as on phones, but this time you can communicate by private messages with community members.

Movistar Music

Even if you don’t have a free version. Movistar has a streaming music platform, Movistar Music, which is only available in Latin American countries. This initiative offers a new musical experience of all genres.

Available for Apple and Google Play platforms.


SoundCloud is a free platform where we can merge amateur and professional streaming music.

SoundCloud allows you to follow other users or artists, create playlists and upload your own themes to the platform.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is expanding on all audiovisual platforms, and also bets on the music platform. Amazon Prime Music includes a free version whose music catalog is limited, two million songs, and, unfortunately, you cannot create your own playlist. Despite these inconveniences, the application is free of advertising messages.

It should be said that there is a paid version, Amazon Music Unlimited, where you will find a library with more than fifty million songs.


Yes, you are reading well, the platform most consumed by all users to watch videos is also used to listen to streaming music.

With applications available for Android and iOS, YouTube offers the possibility to create lists that we want with music videos on the video platform. And use it in the same way as if it were a music application.

Although many people use it this way, which is free, it also has the YouTube Music service, but with the difference that it is paid, although you have the advantage of removing ads, use the application without an Internet connection and use it in a background.

These are our recommendations, and now only the important thing remains: enjoy the music.

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