The biggest scientific events of 2019

This year there have been great advances in the world of science. Many of them have caused us to change our perspective of life and everything around us in a different way. Do you remember any of them?

Scientists have transformed our way of life over the centuries. His discoveries have allowed the evolution of our planet to be faster. From BlogThinkBig we tell you the biggest events of science in 2019.

This post belongs to a series where we recapitulate what have been the best events in branches such as technology, artificial intelligence and applications among others in 2019.

The hidden face of the Moon

We started with a fact that happened in January 2019. The Chinese space probe, Chang’e 4, landed at the south pole of the Moon.

This probe landed on the lunar satellite in the Aitken basin in order to analyze the composition and relief of the area to obtain data on the origin and evolution of the Moon.

After several months of investigation, another unusual event occurs in September: the space probe finds a mysterious substance on the surface. This substance had a jellylike appearance, with a strange and bright color.

According to experts, this material is the product of an impact that the satellite received with a crater.

The first quantum computer

Quantum computing has been one of the great revolutions in recent years. This type of computing helps us solve algorithms that seem impossible for a normal computer.

During the CES 2019 event, the IBM company presented the ‘Q System One’, the first commercial quantum computer in history.

The device was composed of 20 qubits, but in summer they presented the model in 53 qubits being currently the most powerful quantum computer created to date.

Due to the creation of this new computer, the quantum battle between the IBM company and Google for quantum supremacy broke out.

3D print for medical purposes

One of the novelties that have existed in recent years is the emergence of 3D printers that have revolutionized the technology sector, but did anyone imagine that 3D printing would have a leading role in medicine?

The shortage of organs has been one of the reasons to boost 3D technology to create functional parts of any part of our body.

For example, a team of scientists from Carniege Mellon University (USA) managed to create parts of a heart using bioprinting by accurately reproducing blood vessels and valves of that organ.

Another milestone that was achieved thanks to 3D printing was to reproduce a living heart with human tissues. This event occurred at the University of Tel Aviv (Israel).

Improvements to fight cancer

In 2019, scientists have been working side by side to find a solution to diseases that were difficult to cure.

A group of researchers discovered how cells react in environments with different levels of oxygen. Thanks to this research you can create new strategies to end these diseases.

This discovery received the Nobel Prize in Medicine considering it by the community as one of the greatest events of science this year.

Although it has not been the only find in this field. The scientific journal Cancer Gene Therapy published the discovery of a virus that was capable of having anti-cancer effects in lung, pancreas or breast cancer.

From 2020 onwards, said virus, called CF33, will be used in clinical trials with humans to see if it can be an effective therapy.

These have been the biggest events of science in 2019. Will we be able to exceed expectations in 2020?

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