The best apps for sports groups

One of the most classic purposes is to exercise more. But we all know that if you have not done sports for a long time, retaking it only costs even more. Therefore, we want to discover some applications that make it easy for you to sign up for a paddle tournament, have a kick with people who live near your home or find a running group. Fill yourself with strength, take your water bottle, put on your shoes and go for it!

It will be enough to leave home and go to the nearest park to see that Earth is being invaded by runners and we have no reason to think about it. In 2015, the Ministry of Culture and Sports published the report on Sports Habits in Spain, where it was reflected that cycling, swimming and hiking occupied the first places put into practice by the population. In 2018, the results turned around, with gymnastics and running being the two most practiced sports. The developers have realized this and, therefore, have launched dozens of applications to join running groups, among many other collective activities.

Timpik: fast hangouts, unlimited games

This application allows you to create a group in a matter of minutes, whether to play a paddle or soccer match. Gradually it is including other activities, but at the moment it focuses on these two. It is possible to sign up for a tournament / event or create your own.

Fubles and If7Sports: the kings of football

If what you like most is to play football, but your friends always have plans and you can not stay as before, Fubles and If7Sports are your applications par excellence. Both dedicated solely to football and allow you to sign up for already created games and organize your own and request players. Users can go alone, in groups or form teams.

Meetup and Beer running: much more than running

Yes, we know that running purists will not accept these proposals, but we wanted to propose something different and here we have it. Both Meetup and Beer running offer the possibility of creating groups to run around your city and involve one more step: the after the race. The beer runners are a very consolidated community, lovers of running without stopping and the beer after, yes, this can be without alcohol.

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