The apps that every digital tourist should carry on their mobile

Summer, vacations, travel … if we are on dates of not having anything else in mind. We are eager to travel in the DNA and it is shown that it makes us happier than any material wealth. And who doesn’t want happiness? From home I could make virtual visits with Google Street View, but the world is too beautiful to travel only on the Internet.

A few weeks ago the Segittur 2016 Tourist APP Guide came into my hands, which includes a selection of applications to use at different stages of the trip. In it are the classic actors of the sector who have seen a reef in bringing their services to the mobile. We have transport companies (Air Europa, Iberia, Alsa, Renfe, Vueling…), hotel companies (Meliá, NH, Paradores, Barceló, Riu…), search engines and comparators, but we also find curious applications, such as “Flush Toilet Finder” for eschatological tourism or what would come to be how to find a public toilet urgently; “ByHours” to book and pay for a hotel for hours; “ITip” to calculate tips or “Seat Guru” to find the best seat on your flight. Immersing myself in this world, I have considered, is it possible to organize and enjoy a trip just by clicking on mobile applications? Well, let’s go there.

Phase 1. Inspiration: where am I going?

Buff !, to go, I would go very far, but sometimes the pocket or the availability of time are the ones in charge and in my case I will not cross the border. We have a wide range of apps (Logitravel, Booking, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak) that can help us choose a destination, find a flight and the best accommodation (from a campsite, “CampingES”, to a private house, “Airbnb”), but if we are not sure, “Minube” gives you that inspiration thanks to the experiences lived and shared by other users.

With the destination decided, if you are going to travel by plane (as is my case) you have “Hopper” that analyzes millions of flights, predicts how prices fluctuate and warns you of the best time to buy tickets and start the trip. If you do it by road, “Copiloto Repsol” is a very complete app with information on routes, traffic, parking…, while “Blablacar” or “Carpooling” are ideal for traveling by car.

Phase 2. Preparations: what do I need

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said that “He who wants to travel happily must travel lightly” (difficult mission for me!). There are numerous apps that make it easy for you to prepare your luggage, taking into account the destination, the weather, the activities to be carried out …, so you don’t forget anything. Some of them are: “Travel List”, “Packing Pro”, “TripList” or “PackPoint”.

What if the luggage is lost? If you don’t have the Bluesmart or the Samsonite smart suitcase that incorporates the “Track & Go” solution to be tracked by the mobile, it will be your turn to cross your fingers!

Within the preparations phase I would include some essential apps. When your happiness and your destination activities depend on the weather, nothing like “The Weather Channel” to know what the weather is going to be; If you travel abroad where there is another currency, the “XE Currency” app converts your prices into euros, and if you do not master the language, the “Google Translator” app will help you understand the locals.

Depending on the place chosen or the type of tourism you want to make there are many specific applications to fully enjoy your trip. For example, “Baleares Deporte” offers you the best routes and activities to entertain you on the islands; “Camino de Santiago 360º” puts you in the skin of a pilgrim; “Catalunya – The Real Experience” allows you to know the places of interest through augmented reality; Extremadura, Cantabria, Euskadi, Asturias, Madrid, Valencia, Navarra, Murcia, Seville … rare is the national or international tourist destination that does not have an app as a travel guide. But not only that, but there are apps for everyone: for hikers, “Naturapps” or “Wikiloc”; for the Golfers, who do not golferos ;-), “sCaddie”; for skiers, “Esquiades” or “Skitude”; for cyclists, “Naviki”; for skaters, “AsWings”; for navigators, “Portbooker”; for surfers, “Windfinder”; for the beach, “iPlaya”; for art seekers, “ArtCity” …

Phase 3. Flying I go, flying I come

Every digital tourist carries the boarding pass on the mobile phone to facilitate check-in and the “GateGuru” (or Aena’s) app to find out the status of the flight and the airport services. Touch wait until boarding, what can be done? Read, go shopping … but can you imagine making friends in the terminal? Well, it is possible! The “Take Coffee” app finds you related travelers with whom to chat at the airports of Madrid, Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca.

What if I miss the flight? Peace of mind… “Next Flight” takes us out of trouble.

Phase 4. Land and sightsee

What ?, the 14 hours of flight have left you zombie? Don’t worry, “JetLag Genie” helps you get on time. With our feet grounded and our senses ready, what do we do? Get off “Tourist Eye”, “Moovit”, “Play & Tour City Guide”, “Whatsred” or “Fever” and discover mythical places, city routes and plans to enjoy. I do not want to miss anything!

With so much movement you need to replenish energies! “AroundMe”, “Foursquare”, “Yelp”, “El Tenedor” or “Urbanspoon” are some of the apps that will help me

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