The 10 most demanded skills by companies, according to LinkedIn

Having a higher degree increases your options for being hired, but recent research reports that there are other aspects that selection technicians reward more. Know what they are.

What do companies value most when hiring? It is a very recurring question, especially if you have just finished your student stage and are looking for work.

A study prepared by LinkedIn that the BBC gathers responds to this question by providing very interesting information: the skills most demanded by companies are related to teamwork and interpersonal relationships. Even more than technical knowledge.

LinkedIn analyzes its social network to provide real data
The study has evaluated the profiles of candidates who have submitted to offers in cities with more than 100,000 people. The conclusions he draws and exposes are based on the results of those who have been hired for positions with higher salaries and the skills they show in their profile, to which the report blames part of the success.

As he says, the soft skills that stand out are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management. These tools are very useful in the day to day work, in contact with other colleagues.

Technology influences
“Recruiters could be giving more importance because they understand that technology will continue to develop, especially Artificial Intelligence, and these soft skills are the competencies that robots cannot automate,” argues Paul Petrone, LinkedIn’s learning editor.

It is not crazy, because according to some professionals, the machines will occupy a large part of the positions currently held by people. By 15 years, up to 40%, says Kai-Fu Lee, pioneer in AI. Although there are also those who say that jobs will be replaced, but others will be created.

habilidades mas demandadas por las empresas

A combination of both
However, the report indicates that the best is its combination with the so-called hard skills, specific knowledge for a function. Of course, being very friendly and flexible makes the work of any office worker easier and better, but you also need to know the subject of work, which requires certain specific knowledge.

The study points to five of these “hard skills” as the most demanded by companies. Namely, data management in the cloud, Artificial Intelligence, analytical reasoning, organization of people and user experience design. He believes that they are effective for a large number of activities, both now and in the coming years.

Where to start
If you are looking for work, it should be said that all these skills and subjects can be studied and developed with practice. For example, the skill at the top of the study list is creativity and it can be enhanced with a series of concrete techniques and with practice, like everything else.

We also offer you an opportunity for you to train in digital matters. Programming is indispensable for some jobs and recommended and a point in favor for most of them.

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