Successfully Tips to wake up early naturally

Successfully Tips to wake up early naturally

You have to honestly evaluate how much sleep your body gets when naturally rising and then go to sleep that many hours before 6. For example if you naturally like 9 hours of sleep, go to bed at 8…. no tv, no phone, go to bed.

I’m gonna drop some tips I learned so that I could successfully work a job that starts me at 5 AM:

Be proactive, organized, and purposeful. Doing this will begin to wake you up naturally at the time of your alarm after a couple years.

  1. Organize and plan what you will do the night before. Make your bed if you haven’t already, prepare your lunch, and make sure you get your breakfast routine laid out in the fridge and counter respectively. This will ease your brain into thinking (and in turn you feeling) that everything is under control and taken care of. In short: reduce anxiety!
  2. You will need something to get up early for. Trust me, if you don’t honestly, really feel passionate about what you will do early in the morning, you will snooze the alarm and/or stay in bed waaaay longer than you’d planned.

If you’re a reader, annotate your books! Working out? Start easy with dynamic stretching and light workouts, let your body ease into physically (and mentally, btw) conquering your day. Dirty home? List the night before what you will clean in the space of an hour, 20 minutes, what have you. (read “accomplish in an hour, 20 min, etc.”).

All of these particular examples are of tasks that will a – properly wake you up, and b – keep you focused and awake. And they’re mellow enough to not burn you out after a week 🙂

3) When your alarm goes off, get out of bed! A healthy and fantastic tip is to vocally, with conviction, announce what you will do, then do it. No pauses, no taking time to regret, no thinking, just act. The longer you stay in bed, the worse off you are.

4) (As everyone has mentioned) Get enough sleep!!! 8 hours is the standard, but sleep the amount that leaves you satisfied, not full. Think of it like eating: Too much, and you become slothful. Too little, and it leaves you wanting, and thinking about more food (sleep). Sleep just enough as is needed, and your body will love you!

Hope this helps, from recovering one lazy bum to another 🙂

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