So you can add formulas, equations and symbols to your documents from Office

Fractions, radicals, integrals, equations … Mathematical notation can also be integrated with Office documents with relative ease.

Although the keyboard shows the most common letters, numbers and symbols when writing any text, for reasons of space it is impossible to include all the elements of more specialized fields such as finance, science or mathematics.

But as with other aspects of a document, such as tables, graphs or images, everything we need to use in Office is available through its drop-down menus.

Next we will see how to use equations or formulas in a Word document or any of the tools that make up Microsoft Office.

Office equations

Years ago, including mathematical notation in a document was a headache and it was more practical to turn to solutions that integrated LaTeX writing, more versatile for all kinds of symbols and elements. But the most recent versions of Office already have their own menu dedicated to Equations and Symbols.

From the Insert menu we can display the submenu Equations or Symbols> Equations, where we will find examples of the most used equations to insert directly into the document if we browse through its gallery.

Once we have inserted this equation, we can edit it with the equation toolbar, which includes symbols and elements more typical of science and mathematics than writing to use: fractions, indexes, radicals, integrals, large operators, square brackets, functions… Also, from that toolbar it is possible to add more equations directly.

It is even possible to use the mouse or a stylus to enter mathematical or scientific nomenclature with the Equation Pen Input, an option that we will find in the equation toolbar.

If we want to create an equation from scratch, we can do it from Insert> Equations> Insert new equation. Then we can add that equation to our Office gallery by selecting it, once we have edited it, and clicking on Save as new equation …

Symbols in Office

We have two ways to access symbols from Office. As we have seen before, from Insert we will see the submenu Symbols or Symbols> Symbols that displays an independent window. Through its drop down we will have access to all kinds of mathematical symbols, Greek letters, arrows, handwritten letters, etc.

We can insert them in the document comfortably and they will serve us both for science and mathematics and for all kinds of texts, since it includes legal, financial nomenclature, etc.

Another way to insert symbols is from the equation toolbar that is shown when we insert an equation. In the central part of that bar we will see symbols organized in categories or subsets that we can change by displaying said menu.

We will find equations, formulas and symbols in both Word and Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook so that we can insert all kinds of nomenclature without going to third-party programs if we work directly with Microsoft Office.

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