Scotland generates twice the energy it needs only with wind

Scotland generates twice the energy it needs only with wind

On its own, wind power in Scotland has covered twice the needs of the region between the months of January and June.

The figures light a meritorious milestone. Wind power in Scotland generated 9.8 million mWh of electricity between the month of January and the month of June of this year. It is enough to supply 4.47 million homes. However, in this northern nation of the United Kingdom there are only 2.6 million households.

The electricity produced by wind turbines installed throughout the territory accounted for almost twice as much as necessary. The month of greatest generation was March, with 2.2 million mWh. These are record numbers that make Scotland an example for many countries that are bidding to make the transition from a model based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable sources.

The surplus of electricity can be exported, for example to other parts of the United Kingdom. And it is that the country has proposed to abandon coal by 2025. This year it has already managed to stay seven days without burning this fuel. Undoubtedly, the excess of renewable energy from which the Scottish network is nourished has been partly to blame.

Wind power in Scotland has gone from milestone to milestone in recent years. In 2015, the nation already found that 50% of its electricity consumption came from renewable sources. Obviously, wind turbines, both on land and in maritime installations, had a large share of this mix.

A few years ago Scotland already announced that it could supply itself completely with renewable energy for one day. That is, this type of energy went from being a complement of the traditional ones to the strong part of the mix. At least for a day.

And this worsened later. A year later the nation announced another single-day milestone. On this occasion it was stressed that wind energy had been enough not only to meet the energy needs of a day, but to double them. It is what happened in the first six months of the year. This does not mean that the rest of 2019 is equivalent, but of course the trend is clear.

Wind energy in Scotland currently has a capacity of 8.4 MW (as of December 2018). The nation expects that in the next 12 months all its energy will come from renewables.

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