Roku: the streaming video player that triumphs in the United States

Roku: the streaming video player that triumphs in the United States

If you don’t have a Smart TV yet and you don’t want to get lost in any topic of conversation about the fashion series, you need a streaming device. The leaders in the top sales are Roku and Chromecast, although the first seems to have no rival in the United States.

Although in Spain Roku is not too popular, currently in the United States it has already been installed on more than 40 million devices. According to a Strategy Analytics study, only in the first quarter of 2019 in the US, more than 30% of new television devices had this service. But what is the reason for its success?

Roku devices allow you to quickly configure an infinite number of channels such as Netflix or YouTube on the TV. The price is affordable, the payment is unique and, in addition, it is possible to rent a large list of titles. The configuration in American territory is very simple, although in Spain, for now, it is more tedious. In order to enjoy Roku it is necessary to create a VPN. After this step, everything will be quite simple and will undoubtedly be worth it.

One of Roku’s key points is its interface. You could almost say that it offers a customized configuration for each of its users. Ok, we may be exaggerating, but it is true that the configuration options are virtually endless.

Among all of them, the possibility of adjusting the subtitles in terms of text type, size, color and opacity of it is striking. With Roku, he ends up not being able to read the subtitles well because of having the white text on a background of the same tone.

Another of its strengths is the remote control from the mobile thanks to applications such as RoByte, which make it possible to have complete control from the phone. Which is very useful for finding titles or surfing the internet.

Although, probably, its greatest attraction is that it has many options to install channels of different themes. This is what differentiates him most from his competitor in Spain, Chromecast, which he sure has heard about. The channel list is sorted by categories and is as simple as clicking on the one you prefer and adding it.

From that moment, it will be possible to access it from the account created within the platform. Now you just have to choose a series, a program or a movie and enjoy streaming for hours.

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