Research on the 6G network is already a reality

The 5G network is in a process of progressive commercialization worldwide. However, the first development and research processes have already begun with the objective of expanding the limits of technology and reaching 6G.

Samsung has recently confirmed that they have begun the development of the sixth generation telecommunications network, the 6G. To this end, the company has established a new research center based in Korea. The new Research Department (Advanced Communications Research Center) is integrated into Samsung Research, the company’s main R&D organization. The objective of this entity is to identify the main areas of future growth and the development of new technologies. The future is marked by the development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, big data, machine learning, the new generation of media and communication technologies and cybersecurity.

The future of telecommunications
The 5G network is designed to support the needs required by mobile communication technologies, IoT and automated vehicles and factories. International standardization is a requirement for the future of mobile communication.

Samsung Red 6G
6G, the future of connected infrastructure

Mobile communication technologies continue to grow until they imply a transversal infrastructure to a wide range of industries. This demands a continuous discussion by the big companies of the sector in Europe and Asia, and for that reason Samsung is taking the first steps in the investigation of 6G.

Reach the capacity promised by 5G
Samsung executives themselves have confirmed to The Korea Herald that the investigation is currently under way: “The current communications standards development team has expanded to begin work on the 6G connection.”

5G is still in a global implementation process. The first approaches to the 6G network are destined to reach the capacity promised at the time by the 5G.

The new network would require collaboration between telecommunications infrastructure and the new possibilities offered by the use of Artificial Intelligence. This would allow the 6G to achieve the objective of communicating at a speed of 1Tbps.

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