Railway lines arrive based only on solar energy

Gradually the railroad looks towards renewable energies and discards diesel. Sustainable trains arrive.

Ground transportation has its hopes on electric cars to be more sustainable. Not only in these, but in trucks and buses too. Trains have been neglected in this transformation. Maybe for an obvious reason. Many of them rely on electricity to function.

Not in all places it is like that. In the United Kingdom there are still many trains that run on diesel. And, although the railway lines are electric, it happens as with cars: if the energy does not come from renewable sources, only half a step in sustainability is advanced. Hence, in this sector of the railroad it is necessary to take that second half step.

They are going to do it in the United Kingdom, where some railway lines have already started to work only with energy from a solar plant. They are the prelude to sustainable trains. It is the first time something like this is done in the country and one of the first times in the world. Remember that in India they have been behind a similar solution for some time.

A couple of years ago, it was precisely the former British colony that advanced to its former metropolis with an innovative initiative. The first train with solar panels on the roof was launched in New Delhi. They were also installed at railway stations.

The goal is the same. It’s about moving towards sustainable trains. At the moment, in the United Kingdom only a small step has been climbed, which is also in pilot mode. It has begun by ensuring that some railway lines run on solar energy. This is what happens on the stretch near Aldershot, in the county of Hampshire.

Sustainable trains

A set of solar panels operates the lights and signaling. Network Rail, the operator that manages most of the railroad in the United Kingdom, has invested billions of pounds in electrifying rail lines. And if the pilot goes well, he will use solar energy to continue the project. The objective is that by 2040 the diesel from the network has been completely banished.

Towards sustainable trains

Neither the United Kingdom nor India are the only attempts to make the railroad a more sustainable means. In Australia, an old train that ran on diesel was converted to do it only thanks to solar panels. He was the first not to depend on other energy sources. It achieves it thanks to the plates and batteries, although it retains an old diesel engine for contingencies.

In the Netherlands, progress has also been made on solar-powered trains. In its rail network, renewables have a notable presence. And little by little they will have it in other national networks, so that this means of transport becomes more sustainable.

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