Radars to prevent noise pollution in cities

In Paris they have begun testing ‘noise radars’, to automatically identify and sanction the noise emitter.

Within cities there is a type of pollution that is often ignored or neglected. It is made up of the noises that constantly cross streets and parks and sneak into homes. It is also invisible and, in this case, odorless. But its effects can also affect health, as is the case with nervous people.

In any sustainable city project, noise pollution is contemplated. At this point it is seen as an aspect that complements the good work in other areas, such as pollution levels or street cleaning. However, it is not easy to control it.

In Paris they have decided to achieve this and for this they have deployed a radar-like system that monitors noise. Just like a speed radar captures infractions of a vehicle that rolls too fast, this device identifies vehicles or places that emit too much noise.

The Paris system designed to prevent noise pollution consists of four microphones. These are coordinated to triangulate the origin of the sound and link it with the images of the street cameras. So you get what is the emitting point of that noise. The next thing would be to establish a sanction, something that would also be done automatically.

noise pollution

In testing phase

At the moment the project is in an embryonic phase. The city has distributed 40 of these devices between its neighborhoods, which have been operating for several months. For now there will be no penalties. At least not in a period of two years, which will last the system tests.

Most of these sensors have been installed in areas near bars and entertainment sites. It is another effort of Paris in pursuit of sustainability, an objective that the city wants to achieve by 2050.

For this, the city has opted for the electric car and alternative transport systems. By the way, that electric mobility is one of the formulas to fight against noise pollution. So quiet are these types of vehicles that have become a road safety problem, as pedestrians sometimes rely too much on their ears when crossing the street. Hence, it has been established that these vehicles emit a certain type of noise, as a warning tone.

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