October 31 was the last time I wrote a blog post. It wasn’t because I stayed blank, I didn’t have any planned content (I usually have them for six months) or because I had gone to the Caribbean like Curro. What happened is that last month I decided to disappear for a while. Well, deciding is a verb that involves planning. And this was 0% planned. Rather, there came a time when I felt I needed to stop and I did so.

It took me several weeks to sit in front of the keyboard to explain why. Until I marked today’s date on the calendar to write this post. I didn’t want the parties to start without telling you what you’re going to read next.

In this month and a half long in which I have not appeared on the blog, or on Facebook, nor has my hair been seen on Instagram, several things have happened. Some good, of those that make you cry with joy, as the first birthday of my child. And others, although not bad, of those that remove you and make you stop to look inside. Of those that force you to ask yourself inquiring questions about who you are and how you want to spend the rest of your life.

And, in recent months and due to various circumstances, I have realized that life is much shorter than it has always seemed to me. That my son grows twice as fast as me. That I’ve been friends with my university classmates for more than a decade now. That time passes and it is better to grab it with both hands and squeeze it until there is no drop left.

I do not want you to think that I have returned to adolescence and I am in full euphoria Carpe Diem Tempus Fugit. Thanks to the goddess I went through that time when, by the way, I was a little girl to get a tattoo with the phrase (Hello Mom!).

But. Seeing in such a clear way that the clock is relentless has made me delve into the now, trying to understand why I am doing what I do and, above all, wondering what I want to do with the time I have left on this earth.

The truth is that this process, which has been hard to peel, has made me realize two things. The first, that I have always had an obsession, which is that my passage through the world will leave things better than I found them. And when I talk about the world, I don’t mean the whole planet, but my closest environment.

The second, something I had known for years, but I didn’t dare to confess. And to make that kind of mission a reality I need to reconnect with my vocation. Because only from there will I have the strength to cause that positive impact every day and consistently.

And what is that vocation? Well, what I do better and what I enjoy as a girl with a box of watercolors and a blank wall without parental supervision. Something I’ve been exercising every day since I was very young, when I grabbed a pencil and made up stories in my diary. Or in college, when I got free tickets and records making articles and reviews in an online music magazine. Or in my first jobs in communication and events, when I enjoyed being a dwarf writing newsletters or web content for the companies where I worked.

So you know what? After many doubts, fears and uncertainties, I have decided to start a communication project that not only makes me very excited, but I know that it will help people who are struggling to improve this planet to live better. The truth is that I would like to tell you more, but at the moment it is difficult, because I have months of work left before this project comes to light and I do not want to anticipate events.

As you probably guessed, I have written all this because obviously to start this new stage I need time. And to find those hours, minutes and seconds it is mandatory to park other projects. As a simple life.

But, as I said at the beginning, nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Also this blog. So if you want to continue having access to the articles in this space, do not worry, because they will remain here forever. Only A Simple Life will go from being a weekly updated blog to a kind of online repository with all the posts written during these three years.

For my part, although I do not publish new articles in A Simple Life, I will continue to write about sustainability and responsible consumption because it is the topic I like most in the world and because honestly I cannot avoid it! So from now on you can read me on my social networks (Instagram and Facebook) and, within a few months, on the blog of my new project.

At this point and with the explanations given, I can only thank you. For reading, commenting, sharing, sending me exciting emails, recommending this blog to your friends or your family … For being. You don’t know how happy it has made me during this time to know that there was another person next to the screen.

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