Manage your Twitter account with two or more people without sharing a password

There are tasks that are better handled as a team, and managing a Twitter account is easier than it seems thanks to TweetDeck, its second official app.

If you need to manage a Twitter account between two or more colleagues, the easiest is for everyone to have the password for that account. But if you are concerned that something as important as a password circulates around and falls into bad hands, you can opt for an intermediate solution.

TweetDeck, the online and Mac app for Twitter, has additional features that we can find in the default Twitter client with the same name. Among these functions it is possible to share a Twitter account to manage it as a team without sharing the password, which makes it more secure.

In this way, we can organize an important Twitter account of a company, brand or product, and that several people work with them with varying degrees of responsibility. That way nobody can do anything for which they are not authorized.

TweetDeck teams
The only requirement to share a Twitter account through TweetDeck is for each member to have their own account and thus log in to TweetDeck via the Mac app or from their online page.

One of the users will be the Owner or owner of the account. You will be the only one who will know the password for that account. Thus, the danger is reduced to a single source. You will also be the only one who can verify the account.

That user can invite others to that account by classifying them as Admin or administrator or as Contributor or collaborator. The number of one or the other will depend on each work team. The Admin can invite other users as Admin or as Contributor. Finally, the collaborating user or Contributor can not invite anyone, their functions are limited to those of Twitter. The three types of users can do all the functions of Twitter: publish, forward or share, private messages, schedule messages, create lists and collections …

The normal thing is that there is an owner, an owner, an Admin who acts as second in command and then all the necessary collaborators. The maximum number of members of a team is 200, but it is not appropriate to reach that figure, more than anything because of the organizational problems that can result if we do not distribute the calendar well among all the members.

Create a TweetDeck team
To share the Twitter account through TweetDeck we must log in with that account. Then we click on the Accounts or Accounts button, where two busts appear, and that we will find in the left sidebar of TweetDeck. A window will be displayed where we will see the Team option and the Manage Team button.

If we click on Manage Team we can add names of Twitter users to our team. As we add members, they will receive an email and see the invitation if they access their Twitter account to TweetDeck.

When we have the member list defined, when we return to Manage Team we will see the list of names or associated accounts. If we select each one, we can click on Change role to define its status, maintaining that of collaborator or Contributor or “promote it” to Admin or administrator.

In addition to changing that role, it is also possible to delete accounts or add new ones as there are collaborators who stop publishing in that account or incorporate more help.

In short, the TeamDe function of TweetDeck is very useful for managing the same account among several people in an orderly, organized and safe way.

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