Lunacy wants to be your favorite graphic design app

If you need to create graphic content and you have little time or lack the necessary knowledge, you have tools like Lunacy.

For years, the only solution to work in design was to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. But over time, high-quality alternatives such as Sketch, Vectornator, Canva or Gravit Designer have emerged. Furthermore, they have the advantage of working from the browser.

The peculiarity of the new vector design and drawing solutions is that they facilitate work by offering predesigned content such as icons, images and other elements that you can add to your projects.

An example is Lunacy, a free graphic design app for Windows that has the distinction of integrating free resources. In addition to being a tool to deal with graphics, images or vector drawing, you can insert icons, photos and illustrations offered by Icons8, a repository of free and / or paid graphic content.

An alternative to Sketch

Those responsible for Lunacy are aware of the popularity of Sketch. Hence, your own design app supports the Sketch format. Thus, you can create new projects or import Sketch ones.

Lunacy allows you to work with icons, photography, images and vector drawing … To do this, it has a tool palette and panels that adapt to the selected content so that you can personalize and touch up anything on the work canvas.

And if you do not know what content to include, or you need support with stock resources, Lunacy integrates the content offered by Icons8 organized by symbols, text styles, layer styles, icons, photos, bottomless photos, illustrations … Accessing each category you can view thumbnails or search. Depending on the chosen item, you can use it freely, mention it or purchase it for a small fee.

Otherwise, in this app you will find all the ingredients to create any graphic content: layers, color palette, control and customization of each element separately, text editor, night mode, etc. Optionally, you can log in with an Icons8 user account to benefit from its content in your creations.

Lunacy can be used for free from any browser. It is available in several languages and allows you to create new content, save it and export it in various formats. And if you need help with its functions, you can consult its online documentation or make your inquiry in the user forum.

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