Lost with plants and animals ? Yes, there are also Apps to know how to identify them

If you like to walk outdoors, you may want to recognize the plants and animals you find in your path. We help you with these apps.

How many plants are you able to identify when you walk through the field? Do you know the names of the trees in your town or city? And the animals? Before, when you didn’t know something you were left with the doubt and you had to wait to be able to consult it. Currently, just take out your phone and search it on the Internet.

It happens with series and movies, with players of your favorite team, with dates of historical events or famous people … And, of course, there are also applications to answer questions about plants and animals that you can find on the beach, the field or the mountain, in the middle of nature or in the city.

We collect a brief but complete selection of Android apps with which to answer your questions and correctly identify plants and animals, on site or at home.


Recognizing flowers, trees, fungi and much more is the goal of PlantSnap, which has a database full of names, information and photographs to help you with your identification task.

With PlantSnap you can discover all the flora that exists in a certain area of ​​the world geography or directly photograph those plants or flowers you find to organize them in your own private collection. And the best part is that PlantSnap will identify the plant if it is in its database.

Its collection consists of more than 585,000 plants that you can consult anywhere. In addition, it is updated with new entries from time to time.


Collect, write down and retrieve. PlantNet will help you identify plants with the help of its botanical database, created by a consortium of scientists.

Through automatic recognition, PlantNet allows you to recognize plants from images by comparing them with those in the database. In addition, we can consult your catalog through the search engine or by the available categories.

In addition to saving photos of the plants we find, we will have the possibility to organize a map with our discoveries.


Another practical tool with which to identify plants with the help of your smartphone’s camera. PlantFinder claims to recognize 90% of the plants and trees that you put ahead, regardless of geographical area, since it covers the entire planet.

In addition to identification, PlantFinder has complete information on the plants and flora consulted and even offers recommendations in the case of domestic flora.


With an impressive catalog of animals and plants, NaturaLista is a community of observers that draws on the discoveries of its members.

With NaturaLista we can record our observations, contact experts to ask what species it is, exchange impressions, consult the shared database, etc.

NaturaLista allows you to make inquiries with your search engine or through your map, where we will see where certain plants and animals were observed, an original way of planning a <exit through nature.

Spain birds

If you like birds, the Birds of Spain app is one of the most complete encyclopedias on ornithology. Created by SEO Bird Life, it will allow you to identify birds, visit observation sites and consult information about different species.

The files of each bird are very complete, with illustrations, photographs and, in some cases, videos and audios to recognize each bird if we find it. In addition, we will obtain complete information, places where they are visible and other observations.

It also has a section of itineraries to make trips to nature with the purpose of observing birds along the way.


From the creators of NaturaLista Seek comes to us, an app to identify plants and animals as if it were a game, since in return we will get virtual points and medals.

In addition to photographing and recognizing flora and fauna, Seek has a catalog with complete information that will help us know more about what we find in nature.

Designed for all ages, Seek also allows you to know the species near our position on the map or a geographical area that we see in the app.

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