Learn the most common words in other languages

How many words of a language should you know to consider that you know that language? Based on this premise, Most Common Words emerges.

You may not know words like agastopia, scrumptious or gobbledygook, but if you know what have, there or about means, you are closer to being able to understand and expressed in the English language. Think for example in your native language. How many words do we use a day to speak in Spanish with friends, family, colleagues or with whom we meet on the street?

Languages are very rich in words, but at the moment of truth, in a standard conversation, the same expressions, phrases and words are repeated. This is not bad in itself. What’s more, it is useful in case you want to learn languages.

Mastering a language takes time and effort. Start talking about it not so much. Hence, many learning methods focus on a specific list of words that you must learn to start moving freely. Then you will learn grammar rules and other peculiarities, such as phrasal verbs and false friends in English or conjugations in French.

The most common words

Most Common Words have set out to learn languages in the fastest way, or at least to understand the meaning of the 1,000 most used words in the most popular languages.

Thus we can solve two problems. One, to start learning a language. And two, understand messages or texts that we find on the Internet on time. We may not want to know a certain language in depth but we do want to understand specific words from an email or from the menu of an untranslated application.

In Most Common Words you will find the 1,000 most used words in Spanish, German, Italian and French. And in the future Russian and Chinese will also be available. If you want more languages, you can ask its creators. In this sense, English, the most requested language, is missing.

Read, listen and learn

Learning words in other languages with Most Common Words is easy. You will see the original word, its English translation, its pronunciation and you will be able to play the audio, which will redirect you to the Collins dictionary. Do you already know that word? Go to the next one. And so on up to a thousand.

Otherwise, the page has no secrets. We can go back and forth reading the words over and over again, check the audio, etc.

Most Common Words is a very simple page but precisely therein lies its usefulness. If you want to start in a language and you don’t know how, this link may help you.

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