Is it possible to save the restaurants from COVID-19?

Without a doubt, the hospitality world is one of those that is suffering the most from the pandemic. At the moment, the opening of establishments is limited by the de-escalation phases, however, initiatives have already been launched to save restaurants.

Closed bars and takeaways, but just enough. Who was going to tell us that we would live a situation like this? Despite the hygiene and safety measures taken in the establishments, it does not appear that they will be able to open immediately. Thus, different initiatives have already been launched to try to save restaurants.

‘Let’s save our restaurants’ by TheFork
One of the first ideas was carried out by TheFork through this page. What does it consist of? Easy and simple: users can buy a voucher to spend when everything happens.

With a simple click you select the restaurant and the amount of the voucher. Payment is made online immediately and the restaurant receives the income directly. Once the opening is done, the venue will inform the diner directly so that they can enjoy their voucher.

salvar a los restaurantes

Regalo I Gift Cuarencena ’by CoverManager
In the same vein as the previous one, this company has developed ’I give Quarantine,’ which consists of the sale of gift vouchers to be exchanged after confinement.

Best of all, the initiative is open to all Spanish bars and restaurants, and more than 500 have already joined. Among them, the Dani García or Larrumba Group.

‘Adopt a bar’
With the slogan “Lean on the shoulder now, raise the elbow later”, this simple project is activated, which has a very clear objective: “We would like to become the largest hospitality aid platform in Spain,” said Ricardo Marín, one of its creators. .

How does it work? Locals publish their offers on the web and users can buy them in the form of a voucher, which they can exchange once everything has passed. It is possible to buy from a covered cane to a good hamburger.

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