International Chocolate Day: how much do you know about cocoa?

On International Chocolate Day, some curious facts about this valuable seed. Did you know that white chocolate does not exist?

Today, September 13, is International Chocolate Day. And the reason is more than sweet.

In 1995, it was decided to dedicate a day to this delicacy and was chosen on September 13 as the date of birth of the writer Roald Dahl and businessman Milton Hershey.

Who were these people?
Although the name of Roald Dahl may not sound to you, he was a writer who lived between 1916 and 1990, author of the famous work Charlie and the chocolate factory, the story that has made children and adults alike enjoy.

As for Milton Hershey, he is the entrepreneur who founded the famous chocolate brand Hershey’s. If you haven’t tried them yet, today is a good day to enjoy one of the best chocolate brands.

Chocolate’s story
The chocolate comes from the cocoa tree, more properly from its seed. This tree was quite common in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela, the latter being the country with the best cocoa in the world.

During the pre-Columbian era, when there were civilizations such as the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs, the cocoa bean was considered a currency. It was so coveted that artisans, hunters and farmers sold their product in exchange for cocoa.

When the Spanish colonizers arrived, one of the flavors that most caught his attention was that of this seed. Immediately, they decided to export that product to Europe.

Cocoa seed has evolved over time to become the cocoa we know today.

International Chocolate Day

International Day Monica La Mola
What benefits does chocolate have?
• Improves blood flow and regulates blood pressure

• It is an ally of the body to avoid excess free radicals

• Raises good blood cholesterol

• Improves brain functions

• Balances the body of women during menstruation

• Helps protect the body from sun damage

• Decreases migraines

Finally, we leave you two curious facts about chocolate that you probably didn’t know!

• White chocolate does not exist

What we know as such is a mixture of condensed milk, cocoa butter and sugar. Still, it’s delicious!

• Chocolate blood

To represent blood in the scene of the bathtub in Psycho (1960), Hitchcock, Alfred used Bosco chocolate syrup in the shoot (Bosco is a known brand of syrups in the US).

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