I am an entrepreneur: how can the Enterprise version of Google Drive help me?

If you are self-employed or work in a small business, technologies such as Google Drive help you work better from anywhere.

Today we find it difficult to live without Gmail or Google Drive, two of Google’s most popular services that allow us to receive and send emails, store documents and files and access them from any connected place or device.

Google Drive can be used by all kinds of users. By default, we all know your personal and free version, but if you have a professional project, you are autonomous or you have a small business, you can benefit from the paid version or Company for a small fee.

The question is whether it is worth the jump and checkout for a service that we can continue to use for free. Let’s look at the differences between both services.

À la carte services
As with Google Drive in its Personal version, the Enterprise version offers storage space for storing documents and files. Thus, instead of saving that content on our local computers, we can have them on the Internet and thus recover them when we need them and from different devices. With this we will have automatic backups and easy access to our documentation.

The second advantage, which we also find in the free version of Google Drive, is that it is possible to edit documents from the browser without installing office software such as the popular Microsoft Office or other alternatives. Among other documents, we can create spreadsheets, text documents, presentations, drawings, diagrams, forms …

This saves cost of payment software and its maintenance, since Google tools work in the browser and through free mobile apps and do not require updates or configurations.

The third highlight of Google Drive in its professional version is the possibility to customize the subdomains of the user accounts. Thus, instead of having email accounts of the type arroba gmail.com you can add your own name of the type @ companyname.com or similar.

And at the personalization level, we can comfortably manage the access permissions for storage space, files, what permissions each account has, etc. In short, we can manage a virtual office from the same place.

More than storage and office automation
More advantages Google Drive Enterprise version extends beyond online storage and office suite (Google Drive) through the G Suite service. It also serves to manage email (Gmail), maintain text, audio and voice communications (Hangouts), organize meetings and events (Calendar) and even launch your own website (Sites), all under one platform. In addition, being a paid service includes personal advice and support via telephone or email.

The cost of the Enterprise version of Google Drive varies depending on the users that are registered and the storage of each user, thus adapting to the number of employees or co-workers we have and the amount of storage we will need. You will find more information on its official website.

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