How to speak American sign language?

How to speak American sign language

Hello! Currently taking my third year of American Sign Language, so hopefully I can be of some use. First, make sure you know your alphabet, almost all signs use handshakes related to the ASL alphabet. Also, if you don’t know a word, you can always just spell it out. Some good resources for learning signs are , as well as the YouTube channels “ASL THAT” and “Bill Vicars”. You can also use to test your spelling

You should also make sure to look up Deaf culture, so that way you can properly learn sign, as well as make sure you don’t offend anybody. Just make sure you start with the basic words that you can use in a normal conversation. For example, you might ask someone for their name way more often than you would ask if they’ve How to speak American sign language seen your umbrella somewhere.

Also, you gotta make sure to practice. I would recommend learning it with a friend/ partner, like with any other language, so that you can study and practice with each other, as well as correct each other. Something that also helps me practice when I have no one around to practice with is to sign in front of a mirror, or literally just sign your thoughts out loud. Some people talk to themselves, and I’ve developed a habit of signing to myself. Whenever I have a thought, such as “oh, I need to take out the trash”, I’ll literally sign it just to the air in front of me. It helps make sure that you memorize the words, as well as build signing fluency and speed. If you don’t know a sign, you can always just spell it out to train your speed, then look it up later.

I hope it helps. If you do decide to learn sign language, good luck!


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