How to search for content with Aura in the Movistar + app?

How to search for content with Aura in the Movistar + app?

With Aura, the Movistar Virtual Assistant in the Movistar + App, you can explore all kinds of content on your television and do specific complex searches with both your voice and text.

Now that you know the first steps to use Aura in the Movistar + app, you can discover all the possibilities offered by this Virtual Assistant.

If you like sports-related content, you can ask Aura to show you all available sports programming, or do specific searches on specific matches, such as when will be the next game of your favorite soccer team.

If you want to know what they are broadcasting on television right now or check what is going to be broadcast in the next few days, you can access the programming of all the channels you want

If what you want is to watch is a movie, you can ask Aura to search for the content by title, genre, actor and director or by similarities such as “Put me something similar to Toy Story”.

In addition, you can also do combined searches by asking Aura for a specific genre and an actor, or ask Aura to group the content by popularity and, in this way, have access to the most viewed within Movistar +.

If the application detects that your smartphone is connected to the desco, you can launch the selected content to the television to be able to enjoy it in the comfort of your living room. The more you interact with Aura in the Movistar + app, the better you’ll know your tastes and can make personalized recommendations

So when you don’t know what to watch on TV, simply asking Aura for a recommendation will know what types of content to show you.

What are you waiting for? Download the app and start enjoying everything Movistar has available for you.

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