How long WE will believing that the Earth is flat ?

That the Earth is round is something we all affirm without hesitation. However, in 2014 the idea that the Earth was flat gained strength. Until now, the defense that our planet was flat had sounded like something crazy even to those who believed that the holocaust did not exist and that Michelle Obama is an alien. So how has this idea resurfaced that even in the Middle Ages it had weight?

The new messiah of this belief is called Eric Dubay. His feat began at the end of 2014 when he published a paper with 200 proofs that our planet “is not a spinning ball.” Although he publishes it in English, he translates it into as many languages ​​as possible. His goal was that everyone could know the universal lie about the sphericity of the Earth. The most surprising thing was that his idea was supported by popular characters such as rapper B.o.B or basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

In Spain, the belief came two years later, through youtuber Óliver Ibáñez, who replied on Twitter to astronaut Pedro Duque, reaffirming that science could not prove that the Earth was round. From that moment, he dedicated [his YouTube channel ( to talk about the Illuminati conspiracy. Currently, it has more than 387,000 subscribers and some of its videos have been reproduced by more than four million people. Defend theories like that the Earth does not move and that NASA is a fraud.

For the terraplanistas, NASA is a universal hoax.

Experts believe that the resurgence of terraplanismo has a lot to do with the distrust of power, growing in recent years. As has happened with Brexit or the victory of Donald Trump. In fact, the way in which these ideas are disseminated is the so-called memetic war, a strategy similar to that followed by the US president during his campaign. This is to create many repetitive memes, so that the main concept is clear, without having a broader real explanation about the statement.

One of the most relevant Spanish scientific disseminators at the moment is Jordi Pereyra, who has been writing in his blog Ciencia de Sofá for five years. In 2017, he disassembled the arguments of those who believe that the Earth is like a folio, responding to a video by Oliver Ibáñez, who was trying to explain “The flat Earth in 10 minutes”. Pereyra explains that: “These people are a super-small minority of the population. But they are very heavy, so sometimes you are forced not to convince them that this is impossible, but to deny what they say in case anyone has any doubt. Likewise, the disseminator believes that it is a fashion that will end up losing energy, just as it happened with UFOs.

It is impossible to deny that terraplanismo has a lot of strength.

Recently, Netflix has produced a documentary, called Behind the curve, which deals in depth with this theme. Mark Sargent is one of the protagonists and defends that we live in a kind of capsule, which could be a giant Hollywood set, just as Jim Carrey lives in the movie * The Truman Show *.

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