How let loose and become an engaging person?

Try to find the time in the day to enjoy yourself. I find my friends who are comfortable in their own body to be more liked by others so if you already enjoy being by yourself most probably others will enjoy themselves being with you.

Well hey, just remember that not everyone is the same, and your friends might appreciate your nature as a more reserved person as it is. As a pretty naturally “upbeat” person, I always admire my friends who manage to stay more chill/quiet, etc. other than that, just engaging in conversation is the best way to do it, no matter what. Even if it feels a little forced or whatever, just talk to people and ask them about themselves! Either way I’m sure you’re well loved as you are!

Majority of the time it’s you not giving a fuck man. Not to sound cliche but its the truth Like you really just cant care what people think about you. I go around all the time saying really stupid shit really loud and obnoxious like in public environments. Why? Cause I will NEVER see those people in the aisle of the grocery store or fast food restaurants or wherever again. And then when it comes time to actually mingle at a party or whatever you’ve done a lot worse or said a lot worse. So what’s letting a little tiny bit of that obnoxiousness out. Not all of it but just a bit of it when put in the right position. Again when it comes to you and your friends you can let a little out. But when you’re not around them like in an online video game or whatever think about it. When was the last time you actually remembered some random dudes gamer tag in a game?

Probably never so they probably dont remember yours. So that’s a great place to say stupid shit in a funny voice. Doesnt have to be mean doesnt have to be hateful doesnt have to be offensive you could litterally just start screaming the star spangled banner on the mic. Who cares honestly like really honestly who is losing sleep over that? No body. Not a single person. So fuck it just experiment with that or something. Hell as I write this I’m a little drunk. But I think my advice is still pretty sound.

Hell maybe even giving yourself some of the good ol liquid courage might help. The only reason i write such a long response is because i was there man I’ve been the quiet Columbine like kid in highschool, always kept quiet and to myself (then I joined a punk band and really let loose but anyways) after that I stopped caring I’m 26 and majority of the time I’ve made new friends by making people laugh by screaming stupid shit at the top of my lungs like “holy shit is this actually pepperoni on my pizza!? Bless the gods I’m not starving tonight!” Boom made 3 friends.

It’s gotten to the point that…GOT DAMN do I like to be alone. I get hit up a bunch to hang out amd get drunk or high with the buds. But man I love my alone time more than a lot of other things. So I’d say start out small try stupid shit online where you’re virtually anonymous.

See how it works from there watch some stupid shit too like sleepycast or oneyplays or shit like that. Those people are saying horrible stupid things and it’s mostly where I get my comedy from. But the fact that those dudes made podcasts and letsplaus out of saying really stupid things and people fucking LOVE them for it should tell you something. Wouldn’t worry about it too much man. Just do you.

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