How do you predict Google Maps at what time you will arrive at your destination?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that Google Maps is able to predict how long it will take to reach your destination? Google has a lot of our data, but what information do you use?

The world of browsers is disputed between Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps. Although the updated number of users is difficult to find, Google Maps is factory installed on all Android devices so it is most likely the most used browser.

In the beginning, it was a simple street to find places and services. Now, it is a navigator for car, bike, public transport or for walking.

The data that Google Maps uses to guide us comes from different sources, both official and commercial data. And it is complemented by contributions from users, business owners and third sources. The incredible thing is that Google Maps can calculate our arrival time, taking into account the state of traffic, the road or the public transport service.

The app is so accurate because it takes into account traffic, weather, highways, roads, tolls and speed limits. Offering a much higher degree of accuracy than the old GPS we used to carry in the car.

Google Maps por qué predice atascos

How is it possible that Google Maps knows what time you will arrive at your destination?

By having Google geolocation active, your phone becomes a transmitter that constantly informs the company where you are. The device sends bits of anonymous data about your location to Google, who combines them with the information packages of the other drivers, thus recognizing traffic patterns. Google Maps is never wrong with the arrival time because it knows how many people are on the road.

Obviously, it is not the only factor they use to calculate the estimated time of arrival, they take into account the size of the road and its speed limit among many other data.

As a reference of speed limit does not take the maximum indicated on the highways, but uses the speed at which the cars that have gone through that section go before you.

Recently, Google Maps also informs us of the fixed radars that are on the road, it is a public information that is found on the DGT website, so it is not a problem.

However, these apps are sometimes used to warn of ongoing police controls or mobile radars, which the DGT believes hinders the purpose of operations.

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